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The Everyday Political Citizen project celebrates positive political role models and builds a culture of positive politics in Canada.

Samara's looking for ordinary people across Canada who make a difference in their political community in either big or small ways: perhaps an inspiring teacher, political volunteer or community advocate.

Think of someone you admire and ...              

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  • July 03, 2015

    Friday Fill(ibuster): Fade to dark or a new spark?

    It's sunset on the 41st Parliament and on Canada's 148th year as a federation. Or is it that new sparks are just starting to fly at home and abroad? We've got a full fillibuster as we roundup the week's democracy news.
  • July 02, 2015

    2015 EPCitizen nominee: Steph Guthrie

    Steph challenges those with power to be better listeners and gives unbelievable support to those who need to be heard more.
  • July 02, 2015

    2015 EPCitizen nominee: Sara Minaeian

    Tanya Smith is my nomination for Everyday Political Citizen because of the way that she gives back to so many areas of our community.
  • July 02, 2015

    2015 EPCitizen nominee: Chloe-Marie Brown

    Chloe is one of the most exciting civic engagement catalysts in Toronto today.
  • July 01, 2015

    2015 EPCitizen nominee: Marco Antonuzzo

    Marco has inspired many students to pursue political science in university and has done so much with very little thanks and never asks for it. He is a person who does this for the greater good with no expectations of recognition.

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