Funders and Partners

Samara is a charitable organization that is generously supported by its funders and through in-kind support. 

We would like to thank all these individuals and groups who have contributed to the success of Samara’s research and education efforts. 


The MacMillan Family Foundation
The Aurea Foundation
Bennett Jones
The Ontario Trillium Foundation
Isabel Bassett
Avie Bennett
Rosemary Speirs
Max Bell Foundation
Your Canada Your Constitution
Elections Canada

Christina Agrell
Shelley Ambrose
Jamie and Patsy Anderson
Craig Barlow
Alex Bellamy 
Caroline Birks
Gloria Bishop
John Bishop
The John and Judy Bragg Family Foundation
David Bruce
Malcolm Burrows
Janet Butler
Gregor Caldwell
Barry Campbell
Peter Caven
Alastair Cheng
Rachel Chertkoff
Morris Chochla
Vince Cifani
Louise Cochrane
Charles Coffey
Douglas Connolly
Heather Conway
Robin & Ehren Cory
Connie Deckert
Alana Del Greco
Barbara Dick
Andy Donovan
Laurence Donovan
Christopher Dulny
Hilda Earl
Salima Ebrahim
William C. Fanjoy
Henry Fiorillo
Virginia Flintoft
J&D Foxall
Paul Fredericks
Ian Froude
Grant Gilchrist
Greg Gillespie
Keith Gilson
Jan Goddard
Maurice Gomme
William Green
Brian Greiner
Susan Guichon
Barbara Hall
Kiren Handa
Ron Hartling
Jesse Helmer
Garrett Herman
Anna Hilderman
Don Hogarth
David Holland
Jennifer Hollett
Anthony Holmes
Susan Holt in memory of Andy Scott
Carolyn Hurst
Inspirit Foundation
Richard and Donna Ivey
Rosamond Ivey
Eric Jackman
Jascha Jabes
K J Harrison & Partners Inc.
Frances Kampouris 
Martin Katz
Alex Kenjeev
Dorothy Kindellan
David Kines
Leigh Knowles
Andrew Kovacs
Constance Kretz
Mike Lauzon
Paul Ledwell
Sally Lee
Donald Lemieux
Du-Yi Leu
Chris Lindal
Julia Lo
Alison Loat
Christopher Loat
Graham Lowe
Jock Macdonald
David and Joanna MacDougall
Bill Mackinnon
Mary MacMillan
Martin Masse
Andrew McCreath
McKenna Family Fund
Hugh McLelland




Trina McQueen
Paris Meilleur
Marco Mendicino
Patrice Merrin
Ian Michael
Thomas Miller
David Mitchell
Amanda Moore
Karen Moores
Christopher Morgan
Karine Morin
Ian Morrison 
Judith Moses
Mary Murphy
Margot Northey
Fiona O'Connor
Paul Oabel
Ontario Association of Library Technicians
Tamara Oomen
Charles Pachter
Anil Patel
Michael Paterson
Honor de Pencier
Joan Pennefather
Barry Peters
Hon. David Peterson and Shelley Peterson
Francois Petry
Charles Pielsticker
Robert Prichard and Ann Wilson
Andrew Pringle
Gord Raman
Kasi Rao
Irfhan Rawji
Peter Raymont
Judy Rechenmacher
Tim Reid
Eric Rothschild
Roundtable Capital Partners
Bill Rutsey
Conrad Schickedanz
Linda Schuyler
Bill Selfe
Gareth Seltzer
Bradley Sherman
John & Amanda Sherrington
Benjamin Shinewald
Rajiv Singal
Charles Sirois
David Skok
Jennifer Sloan
Margot Smart
Adrianne & Jerry Smith
James Spence
Scott Snowden
Gary Solway
Geoff Spidle
Brian Stewart
David Sugarman
Robert Sutton
Paul Szabo
Eric Tam
Don Tapscott
Paul Temple
Nicholas Terpstra
Larry Till
M. Annabelle Twilley Richardson
Teresa Vasilopoulos
Christopher Wells
James and Jennifer Werry
Grace Westcott
Mark Wheeler
Stephen Whillans
Don Wilford
Tatum Wilson
Nelson Wiseman
Mark Wiseman
Greg Wong
Leslie Wood
Stuart Wood
Richard Woods
Cathy Worden
Young Wu
Brian Wynn
Phyllis Yaffe
Matthew Young
Al Zikovitz
Noah Zon


Friends, Partners and Other Contributors

We are also most grateful to our partners in our various projects, who support us either financially or in-kind. 

    Cy Abbass
    Agincourt Community
    Services Association
    Quinn Albaugh
    Derek Alton
    Andrew Balfour
    Donna Banham
    Heather Bastedo
    Ben McNally Books
    Dr. Paul Bennett
    Liba Berry
    Caroline Birks
    Sarah Blanchard
    Kelly Blidook
    Bloor Hot Docs Cinema
    Colette Brin
    Bryan Prince Booksellers
    Grant Burns
    Max Cameron
    Canadian Association of Community Health Centres
    Canadian Association of Former Parliamentarians
    Andrea Canales
    Ray Cao
    Remzi Cej
    Ali Chatur
    Morris Chochla
    Sujit Choudhry
    Wayne Chu
    Jessa Chupik
    Citizens Academy
    Karen Clark
    Grant Clitsome
    Nancy Close
    Closson Chase Winery
    Mark Coffin
    Anne Collins
    Kelta Coomber
    George Cooper
    The Craft Brand Company
    Kyle Crawford
    Frank Cunningham
    Louise Dennys
    Different Drummer Books
    Alex DiGioseffo
    Émilie Dionne
    Andy Donovan
    Léo Duguay
    Dan Dunsky
    Munroe Eagles
    Equal Voice
    Engineers Without Borders
    Jim Farney
    Fred Fletcher
    Victoria Foley
    Mariève Forest
    Mary Francoli
    Stephen Frank and CLHIA
    Hon. Douglas Frith
    Kirstan Gagnon
    Suzanne Gallant
    Thierry Giasson
    Elisabeth Gidengil
    The Globe and Mail
    Danny Graham
    The Green Party of Canada
    Taylor Gunn
    Jesse Helmer and the Friends of Samara Canada London, ON
    Alfred Hermida
    Mark Heyck
    Shira Honig
    Paul Howe
    The Inspirit Foundation
    Institut Du Nouveau Monde
    Institute for Canadian Citizenship
    Emma Jenkin
    Patrick Johnston
    Kelly Kaye Photography
    The Kingston Writers’ Festival
    Joshua Knelman
    Royce Koop
    Myna Kota
    Andreas Krebs
    Miriam Lapp
    Francis LeBlanc

    Lawrence LeDuc
    Carol Lee
    Tom Long
    Hugh MacKinnon
    Jonathan Malloy
    Preston Manning
    The Manning Centre
    Alex Marland
    Brad Martin
    Massey College Journalism Fellows
    Akosua Matthews
    Maytree Foundation
    Mary Ann McColl
    D’arci McFadden
    McKinsey & Co.
    McMaster University
    Peter McNelly
    Jane McWhinney
    Rick Mercer
    Howie Millard
    Barb Minett
    Kathleen Monk
    Sean Mullin
    Jack Murta
    NATIONAL Public Relations
    Naheed Nenshi
    Chima Nkemdirim
    North York Community House
    Fiona O’Connor
    Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies
    Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association
    Ruth Ostrower
    The Ottawa Writers’ Festival
    Mike Painter Main
    Jon Pammet
    Perfect Books
    François Pétry
    Justin Philippi
    Chip Pitfield
    Craig Pyette
    Deon Ramgoolam
    Bob Ramsay
    Random House Canada
    Vincent Raynauld
    Reclaim our Democratic Canada
    Madeleine Redfern
    Amy Robichaud
    Jonathan Rose
    Rotman School of Management
    Doug Rowland
    Nick Ruderman
    Gabrielle Scrimshaw
    Reva Seth
    Chris Shulgan
    Denise Siele
    Jack Silverstone
    Susan Simms
    Simon Fraser University
    Gillian Smith
    Leora Smith
    Social Planning Toronto
    Devan Sommerville
    Stuart Soroka
    Springtide Collective
    Dietland Stolle
    Aimee Sulliman
    Shauna Sylvester
    Damian Tarnopolsky
    Paul Thomas
    Erin Tolley
    Toronto East General Hospital
    Toronto Neighbourhood Centres
    Livianna Tossutti
    André Turcotte
    UBC Centre for the Study of Democratic Institutions
    University of King’s College
    Christopher Waddell
    The Walrus
    Michael Watters
    Why Should I Care?
    Women’s Executive Network
    Stuart Wood
    Blaine Woodcock
    The Writers’ Trust of Canada
    YMCA of Greater Toronto

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    Bringing back the political animal, part 3

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    Bringing back the political animal, part 2

    Today’s guest blog comes to us from PhD student David Moscop. In his first post, Moscrop outlined the problem of electoral decline in Canada and explained why the targeted solutions of proportional representation and mandatory voting are inadequate. In this second post, he explores what a holistic response to electoral decline could look like.