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Here you will find a list of news and feature articles mentioning the work of Samara with the most recent listings at the top. Our editorial and op-eds can be found here

2014 Analysis of MP Websites

"New Democrats dominate list of best MP websites" by Don Butler in the Ottawa Citizen

Our Research Manager and Acting Director Jane Hilderman on CPAC's Primetime Politics (starting at 41:30)

2014 Everyday Political Citizens

"AJOI co-founder recognized for civic engagement" by Anthony Abbondanza in The West Island Chronical

"AJOI CEO places second on EPCitizen award roster" by Kathryn Greenaway in the Montreal Gazette

"An Everyday Political Citizen" is a profile of youth runner-up Wes Prankard by Alison Langley in the St. Catharines Standard

MPP Michael Mantha stands in the Ontario Legislature to talk about the Everyday Political Citizen project.

"Politically engaged residents say giving Torontonians a voice is key" by Alex Ballingall in the Toronto Star

"Dartmouth teacher garners Everyday Political Citizen of the Year award" in the Halifax Chronicle Herald

"Edmonton youth wins national award for political engagement" by Ryan Tumilty in Metro Edmonton

"Edmonton teacher among 12 finalists for Everyday Political Citizen award" by Gordon Kent in the Edmonton Journal

Vancouver Shortlisted Everyday Political Citizen Eddie Tang is featured on Vancouver CBC's On the Coast. Listen here

"Calgarian nominated for national citizen award" by Reid Southwick in the Calgary Herald

"Pierrefonds man nominated for national award for citizen engagement" by Kathryn Greenaway in the Montreal Gazette

"Sydney teacher nominated for national award" in The Chronicle Herald and Cape Breton Post

"Finding the good news in Canadian Politics" by Ashley Csanady on

"Guelph's Tia Carey, 12, up for political citizen award" by Jackie Sharkey on

EPCitizen Neeta Kumar-Britten on CBC Radio's Mainstreet Cape Breton

"Wanted: Engaged 'everyday' political citizens" by Gordon Kent in the Edmonton Journal

"Edmonton wants you to nominate an Everyday Political Citizen" by Dave Lazzarino in the Edmonton Sun

"Michael MacMillan wants your nomination" by Judy Gerstel on 

Tragedy in the Commons

"Why MPs can't wait to get out of Ottawa" by Paul Wells in Maclean's

"A must-read this summer" by Randy Simms in The Telegram

"Candidate, educate thyself" by Dale Smith in the Ottawa Citizen

"Why parties matter" by Dale Smith on

"The case for abolishing political parties" by Susan Delacourt in the Toronto Star

An excerpt of Tragedy in the Commons in Policy Options.

"Tragedy in the Commons" a review in The Canadian Taxpayer (starts on page 7)

"Canada's Politicians Don't Want Us to Know They're Politicians" Alison Loat sits down with Michael Bolen at Huffington Post Canada.

"Heather Menzies: Reclaiming the commons in Canadian Politics" in the Ottawa Citizen

"Politicians should reclaim themselves, say authors of new book Tragedy in the Commons" by Kate Malloy in the Hill Times.

"How do MPs really feel about their job and the work they do?" Alison Loat and Michael MacMillan on CanadaAM (video).

"When MPs hate politics, it's time for change" by Liz Renzetti in the Globe and Mail. 

"5 Reasons You Should Read Tragedy in the Commons" by Terry Fallis on Retreat by Random House. 

"MPs speak out in Tragedy in the Commons" Alison and Michael on Q with Jian Ghomeshi, CBC Radio

Kevin Newman said "I learned a lot from this book and I've been covering politics my whole life." See Alison on CTV's Kevin Newman Live (interview was from April 15th's episode and starts at 29:20).

"The tragedy of the House of Commons: A new book explores the lives and frustrations of our MPs" by Aaron Wherry in Maclean's. 

"Former MPs look back at House in 'exit interviews'" by Mark McNeil in the Hamilton Spectator. 

Hear some great stories from Alison and Michael on this hour-long call-in show with Bill Good on CKNW in Vancouver. 

Michael shares some of his reactions to the exit interviews on Dale Goldhawk's AM740 show and onCBC's Ontario Today with Rita Celli. 

Alison talks about open nominations and other lessons from the interviews with Tencer and Grose on CHED AM 630 in Edmonton .

For a longer conversation check out these podcasts with Mark Blevis and this one with Joseph Planta. 

Alison sat down with Calgary’s Breakfast Television to talk about nominations processes and the state of Question Period. 

Alison talks about the “surprising truths” of the book on Global Calgary’s Morning News Edition.

Alison and Michael on CPAC’s Primetime Politics. To watch, search for April 28th (interview starts at 40:00).

Tragedy in the Commons: through the eyes of MPs. Alison discusses the book on The West Block.

“Why have members of Parliament allowed their power to be siphoned away as they have?” Get a sneak peek at the book from this excerpt in the Ottawa Citizen.

Anthony Furey reports in Sun News that Tragedy in the Commons holds an optimistic message for Canadian politics (we think so too). 

 “The truth is that we have a system designed to be controlled by the centre.” Great interview with  Alison and Michael in The TyeeThe Tyee also ran an excerpt from the book.

Samara in the society pages. If you missed our Ottawa book launch, check out these great pictures from iPolitics.

Aaron Wherry referred to Tragedy in the Commons in this moving article on the humanity of politicians.

Two great op-eds on the experiences of women in Parliament cite Tragedy in the Commons:

Parliament is still Mad Men territory for women, and that’s bad news for democracy.

Respect for women in the House of Commons matters.

“Disillusioned with party politics,” Alison speaks to David Gray on The Calgary Eye Opener.

Listen to Michael on the Dave Taylor show by searching for “April 23” and “1pm”, the interview starts 9 minutes in. 

For an overview of Samara's work, along with that of other organizations working to strengthen citizen engagement with democracy, we encourage you to watch this feature by CPAC's "The Bright Side," or this feature by Piali Roy in Yonge Street Media.

News and features

"Engaging citizens by talking about democracy" by Carl Hnatyshyn on

"Harvard Kenney School Alumni named Young Global Leaders" by Mari Megias in HKS Alumni stories (featuring Alison Loat).

Alison Loat on Metro Morning talking about voter engagement in the 2014 Ontario Election as it kicked off in May. And again the day after Election Day

"Ontario electoral dysfunction: Award for most apathetic riding goes to..." by Erica Vella on

"GUEST COLUMNIST: Don't let democracy slip away" by Samara volunteer Bob Sutton in The Sarnia Journal

"Would a Merger with Canada Save U.S. from Ourselves," by Rick Cohen on Nonprofit Quarterly.

"Balance of power: MP Michael Chong on fixing the relationship between MPs and their leaders" by Andrew Coyne on

"Time and cash strapped Gen X and Y? Join the club" by Misty Harris (Samara's work mentioned)

"MPs need authority, yes. And clear responsibilities" by David McLaughlin in the Globe and Mail

"The young will inherit and future they see as a sham" by Michael Valpy in The Toronto Star

"The merits and drawbacks of heckling," Alison Loat joins a panel to discuss heckling on CBC Radio's The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti

"Rathgeber challenges party dominance of MPs" by Samara Executive Director Alison Loat in the Ottawa Citizen and on

"Considering the scandals plaguing multiple levels of government, it seems accountability as a virtue is on the wane," Samara Executive Director, Alison Loat, is quoted by Joseph Brean in the National Post

"Democracy Talks comes to Nelson," The Nelson Star reports on our Democracy Talks program paying a visit to the local library in April 2013. 

Samara's Jane Hilderman on NewsTalk Radio in Saskatchewan talking about why citizens are not more engaged with politics. 

Samara's work recently spurred a question for CBC National's At Issue Panel, regarding Canada's electoral system. 

"Polling and journalism: the future is in the details", Susan Delacourt discusses the polling-journalism relationship with Sasha Issenberg, American journalist and author. 

"Turning a non-voter into a voter", Adam Radwanski sits down with recent guest of Samara and author of the Victory Lab, Sasha Issenberg for a Q&A

"Fixing the way we 'do democracy'", by Sharon Aschaiek, a profile on Samara and founders, Alison Loat and Michael MacMillan in Queen's University alumni review. 

"Is democracy in decline?" by Jim Coyle in the Toronto Star

"Harper's cynical assault on democracy", an editorial by Bob Hepburn in the Toronto Star

"Appears we get the Parliament we deserve" by Tom Ford in the Winnipeg Free Press

An article in The Tyee mentioning Samara's work.

An article by John Ibbitson in the Globe and Mail, which quotes Samara's work on The Real Outsiders.

An article in the Hill Times mentioning the work of Samara.

"Underrepresented", a feature article by Isabel Bassett, published in the magazine Women of Influence.

feature on "How to fix our politics" by Aaron Wherry in Maclean's 

profile on Alison Loat by Andrew Potter and Victoria Salvas in This Magazine

An article on Michael MacMillan by Emily Davies, in the Queen's Journal

feature on Samara by Piali Roy, on 

Riding Associations Website Analysis

"Samara report: Riding association websites shortchanging potential candidates" by Laura Beaulne-Stuebing in iPolitics

"Political riding association websites not serving grassroots, study finds" by Susan Delacourt in The Toronto Star

By Invitation Only: Canadians' Perceptions of Political Parties

"Political parties failing Canadians: survey" by Don Butler in The Ottawa Citizen

"Canadian poltical parties not doing their job: survey" by Susan Delacourt in The Toronto Star

"Samara survey: Canadians give political parties failing grades" by Laura Beaulne-Stuebing on

"Canadians give political parties failing grades", Jane Hilderman on RCI Radio

"Being likeable is nasty business" Straight Talk by John Robson on Sun News Network "Mandryck: Poll shows Tories driving cynicism" by Murray Mandryck in the Leader-Post

"The real reason political parties are failing: Delacourt" by Susan Delacourt in The Toronto Star

"Parties Failed", Alison Loat on CBC Metro Morning

2013 Everyday Political Citizens

"Samara announces Everyday Political Citizen winners" by Laura Beaulne-Stuebing

"National recognition keeps fight alive for Nunavut food activist" by David Murphy on

"Saskatoon activist nominated for political citizen award" on News Talk 980

"Edith Perry humbled by nomination for community activism" by Luke Arbuckle on

"Marc Laferriere nominated for Everyday Political Citizen Project" by Victoria Gray in Brant News

"Everyday Political Citizen project recognizes Canada's unsung heroes"  by Rachel Aiello and Brad Fougere on and originally in the Ottawa Citizen, The Montreal Gazette and The Vancouver Sun

"Rob Ford scandal may lead to better democracy" by Bob Hepburn in the Toronto Star

"Local Woman Makes Shortlist for 'Everyday Political Citizen'" by EFN Staff in the Eagle Feather News

Alison Loat and Jane Hilderman spoke about cynicism in the wake of political scandals and Samara’s antidote - Everyday Political Citizens - on 22 CBC morning shows. Recordings are available fromToronto’s Metro MorningOntario Morning and Radio Canada International

 "Cognitive Surplus and Appreciation in Civic Life" by Jane Purvis in Spacing Magazine 

"FTW Friday: Everyday Political Citizen" by Joe Thomson in this magazine,

MP Websites Analysis

"MPs doing poor job of connecting with citizens online: Samara Report" by Dan Misener on

"New Report Says Canadian Politicians' 'Digital Offices' Need a Makeover" by Elisabeth Fraser on

"Most MPs websites don't connect with public, study finds" by Susan Delacourt in the Toronto Star

"MPs falling short in online engagement: study" by Laura Beaulne-Stuebing on

"Five MPs lack functioning websites, group's analysis shows" by Don Butler in the Ottawa Citizen and on

"Want to get involved in politics? MPs' websites not a good place to start, study shows" by staff on

"Who passed, who failed? Websites of Canadian MPs compared in study" by Canadian Press in the Vancouver Sun, The Province and The Globe and Mail

"Yes, your MP's website (probably) does suck" by Stephen Hui in The Georgia Straight

"Most politicians' websites fail to engage: charity" and link to radio interview by Lynn Desjardins at Radio Canada International

"All MPs need to do better with their websites, study says" by Colin MacLean in the Journal Pioneer

Samara Research Manager Jane Hilderman talks about the MP Website Analysis on CPAC's Primetime Politics (interview starts at 36 minutes). 

"Windsor MP tops list of Internet-savvy politicians" by Luke Simcoe on

" recognized by Samara Canada in the MP Website Analysis Project" on MP Don Davies' website. 

"Canada: Most MPs fail online" by Gene Kosowan on 

Alison Loat on Guelph's "Beyond the Ballot Box" radio show, CFRU 93.3 FM

"Are you being served?"  Samara Executive Director Alison Loat on The Agenda

 (April 11, 2013)

Lightweights?: Political Participation Beyond the Ballot Box

"Canadians aren't apathetic, we're just sick of the political status quo" by Adam Kingsmith on

"Why Canadians have no time for politics" by Alex Himelfarb in the Toronto Star

"Why you should get involved in politics" an op-ed by Catherine McKenna in the Ottawa Citizen and on

"Don't worry, politics could make you happy" by Douglas Todd in The Vancouver Sun

"Is there ever an excuse for not voting?" by Liz Renzetti in The Globe and Mail

"Canadians not that politically active, study finds" by Susan Delacourt in The Toronto Star

"Politics ‘a dirty word’ for Canadians, finds new study of engagement between elections" by Misty Harris in theon (also appeared in Leader Post, The Province, The Vancouver Sun, The Star Pheonix, The Calgary Herald, and The Edmonton Journal).

"How politically engaged are you? Take the quiz." A web extra by Misty Harris in The Calgary Herald, The Edmonton Journal and The Montreal Gazette.

"Are Canadians Political lightweights?" by Andrew Dreschel in The Hamilton Spectator.

"Not even twitter can save us now" by Dan Lett in The Winnipeg Free Press.

"Don’t blame the young" by Chris Selley in The National Post.

"The hunt for an honest man lands candidate" by Pete McMartin in The Vancouver Sun.

"Canadians civic minded but not political: study" by Maryse Zeidler in The Tyee.

'The Unengaged Majority" by Greg Fingas on his blog, “Accidental Deliberations”

"Measuring Political Engagement" on Though Undermined. 

Samara's Executive Director on CBC's Metro Morning

"Study Shows Canadians Least Interested in Politics" by Sam Dixon in the Oye!Times.

"Woeful participation in party politics" by Greg Fingas in The Leader-Post.

MPs by the Books & House of Words

"The number of words MPs speak in House counts" by The Guelph Mercury in the Winnipeg Free Press

"Think-tank breaks down debate in Commons" by Allison Cross in the National Post

"B.C. MP Peter Julian has biggest mouth in Parliament, study finds" by Luke Simcoe in Metro News

"Mouthy and not-so-mouthy: how Manitoba MPs stack up" by Mia Rabson in the Winnipeg Free Press

"Political word count: MPs range from windy to nearly mute in House of Commons" by Don Butler on (originally in the Ottawa Citizen, The Province, The Edmonton Journal, The Calgary Herald and The StarPhoenix)

"Stacking up who's talking (or not) on Parliament Hill" by CBC News

"Parliamentary Word Count Reveals who the Commons talkers and non-talkers are" by Susan Delacourt, in the Toronto Star

"Who has the biggest mouth in Parliament?" by Laura Stone, on 

"Penashue's 'strong voice' rarely heard in the House: study" by Colin Horgan, on 

Lost in Translation or Just Lost? Canadians' Priorities and the House of Commons (Published February 2013)

"Watching the Watchdog: What Should Democracy Look Like?" by Tim Knight on "Backbenchers point to less party discipline as a fix for Parliament" by Rebecca Lindell, on Global News

"Don't disparage democracy if you're not doing your part" by Daniel D. Veniez, on

"Democracy the big loser in Canada's Parliament: Hepburn" by Bob Hepburn, in the Toronto Star

"We don't need politicians in charge. With technology, it's time to put citizens first" by John Ibbitson in the Globe and Mail

"Parliament is broken. How do we fix it?" Sarama's op-ed on

"Tom's take: the sad state of Parliament" by Tom Clark on

"MPs fail to represent issues important to Canadians: report", Alison on the West Block with Tom Clark

"Are Canadians and Parliamentarians speaking the same language?" by Colin Horgan on

"Do MPs talk about your priorities in Parliament? Turns out, they do" by Chris Hannay in the Globe and Mail

"Parliament needs a democracy check-up, says new report" by Bea Vongdouangchanh in the Hill Times

"Ignatieff: Too much executive power is harming democracy" John Ibbitson sits down with Michael Ignatieff to discuss whether it's time to Redesign Parliament. Featured in the Globe and Mail Focus section

"MPs reflect voter priorities more often than expected" by Laura Payton on

"Watching the Watchdog: Democracy Is Lost in Translation" by Tim Knight on The Huffington Post

"House out of balance?", Alison on CTV News

Grassroots Online video podcast discussion of MP Websites Analysis (begins at around 8 minutes)

Who's the Boss?: Canadians' Views on their Democracy

 "Editorial: Voters' interests can't be ignored", in the Times Colonist

"What infantile verbal brawls tell us about the health of Parliament", by Michael Behiels on
"Canadians quickly losing faith in their democracy, survey suggests" by Kim Mackrael in The Globe and Mail

"Canadians less content with way democracy works, poll says" on CBC News Politics

"Canadians' assessment of MPs' work, country's democracy at record low: poll" by Elizabeth Thompson in

"Editorial: Ailing Democracy cannot be fxed by government" in the Vancouver Sun

"Satisfaction with Canadian democracy hits rock bottom, survey finds" by Don Butler in The Ottawa Citizen

"Poll: Only 55% believe democracy working well in Canada" by Susan Delacourt in the Toronto Star.

"Canadians give MPs a failing grade on most key duties" staff

"Canadians are less satisfied with democracy: Study" QMI agency, in Toronto Sun (and others)

"Watching the Watchdog: Three Scary Truths About Canadian Democracy" by Tim Knight on

"Voter Dissatisfaction diminishes Canadian democracy" Times Herald Editorial Staff in The Moose Jaw Times Herald

"A report card for MPs" by Aaron Wherry in Maclean's

"Poll Claims Canadians Dissatisfied with Democracy" by Sam Dixon in Oye! Times

"Canadians increasingly cynical about state of democracy: Hepburn" by Bob Hepburn in The Toronto Star

"Canada's democracy: A deep, yawning chasm?" by Colin Horgan on

" readers weigh in on democracy survey" by the Community Team on the Community Blog

"Ample reason for loss of faith" Editorial in The Star Phoenix

Listen to Alison's Interview on Radio Canada International. 

"At Our Front Door" by former MP Glen Pearson on his blog, The Parallel Parliament

"Hepburn: Your local MP is democracy's enemy" by Bob Hepburn in the Toronto Star

"Survey shows crisis of faith in democracy" by Julian Uzielli in The Western Gazette

Occupiers and Legislators: A Snapshot of Political News Coverage

"Bias? What mainstream bias?" by Michael Valpy on his blog, Origins of Politics
"Politics and the media" by Paul Berton in The Hamilton Spectator

"A snapshot on Canadian political journalism" by Alex Veeneman on Uloop student news network 

 "Canadian news get mixed reviews" by Mia Rabson in the Winnipeg Free Press

"Sharp contrast in tone of TV, newspaper political reporting: study" by Elizabeth Thompson in

"Political news usually fair, but not always informative, study finds" by Don Butler in theOttawa Citizen and the Victoria Times Colonist 

"On studying the media: Samara and the 'news' we want" by Colin Horgan in

"Watching the Watchdog: Stats Don't Lie, Political News Falls Short" by Tim Knight in theHuffington Post Canada

"Samara's Occupiers and Legislators debunks some criticisms of the media" by Belinda Alzner in

"Canadian MSM political news coverage leaves much to be desired: report" by Ben Christopher in The Tyee

"Questioning the press gallery" by Aaron Wherry in Maclean's online  

"Les «idées reçues» revues et corrigées" by Geneviève Tremblay in Le Devoir

The Rutherford Show

CBC Nova Scotia - Mainstream Cape Breton with Wendy Bergfeldt

The Real Outsiders: Politically Disengaged Views on Politics and Democracy

"Understanding the limits of government" by Nicholas Gafuik in the Calgary Herald

"Must Politicians Be Phonies?" by Maxwell Cameron in The Mark

"Deadlines and Democracy" by Rebecca Lindell on Global News Online

"Voter Turnout: thinking outside the ballot box" by Clifton van der Linden and Kelly Hinton inThe Mark

"Oversight key for oilsands," an Op-Ed in the Star Phoenix mentioning The Real Outsiders

What gives? Samara study looks at Canadians’ reasons for turning away from politics” by Chris Plecash in The Hill Times

"If they don't vote, don't worry" by Iain Hunter in the Times Colonist

"Ibbitson responds: How to re-engage citizens in democracy" by John Ibbitson in the Globe and Mail

In an age without mediators, many feel left out of the political process” by John Ibbitson in the Globe and Mail

"Political re-engagement should focus on public services" by Don Lenihan on

"Alienated from What? By Whom?" by Andrew Potter on, originally in the Ottawa Citizen 

"The welfare state isn't pleasing anyone" by Tasha Kheiriddin in the National Post

"Where Have All the Voters Gone?" by Ben Christopher in The Tyee

 "They know what they don't like" by Aaron Wherry in Maclean's online

"Who engages young voters?" by Jonathan Migneault in OpenFile Ottawa

Interview with Alison Loat on Global TV's "The Morning Show"

Interview with Alison Loat on CTV National News

"Who are Toronto's "real outsiders", and why are they turned off by politics?" by John Michael McGrath in OpenFile Toronto

"Canada's Political Outsiders" by Nick Ruderman in The Mark

"The democracy gap - how did not voting become preferred option?" by Craig McInnes in theVancouver Sun

"Non-voting Canadians consider themselves outsiders: study" by Don Butler in the Ottawa Citizen

"Does not voting make you an indifferent citizen — or an idealist?" by Susan Delacourt in theToronto Star

"La politique du désabusement" by Manon Cornellier in Le Devoir

"Non-voters see political engagement as futile: study" by Rebecca Lindell on Global News online

"Politicians to blame for voter apathy" by Joseph Chin on

"Why doesn't 40 per cent of the population vote?" by Andy Radia on Yahoo News Canada

"Politically disengaged Canadians not apathetic or uninformed, study finds" by Colin Horgan

 "Outsiders" a blog post on CalgaryGrit

Interview with André Turcotte on Radio-Canada's Maisonneuve en direct

Alison Loat was featured on 14 drive-home CBC radio shows and on Dave Rutherford’s #1 call-in radio show in Alberta.  

Outsiders' Manifesto: Surviving and Thriving as a Member of Parliament

An interview with Alison Loat by Steve Paikin on TVO's "The Agenda"

An interview with Alison Loat about constituent services on CBC Radio's "The Current"

"The cult of the political outsider", an article by Andrew Potter on, originally in the Ottawa Citizen

An article by national columnist Chantal Hébert in the Toronto Star

An article on MPs' recommendations for improving the practice of politics on

piece on CBC News online 

piece in the Toronto Star by Susan Delacourt

Mia Rabson's take on the report, from the Winnipeg Free Press

From Global News online, an article by Rebecca Lindell highlighting the report's "outsider narrative" 

blog from former MP Glen Pearson

piece by Donald Lenihan in The Huffington Post Canada

The highlights of this report's local and national media coverage are available here, on the Samara blog. 

"It's My Party": Parliamentary Dysfunction Reconsidered

An interview with Alison Loat by Steve Paikin on TVO's "The Agenda"

A post-election interview with Alison Loat by Matt Galloway on CBC Radio's "Metro Morning" (the segments begins at the 14:15 mark)

The highlights of this report's national and local coverage is available here, including editorials and other commentary generated by the findings. 

Welcome to Parliament: A Job With No Description

An interview with Alison Loat by Steve Paikin on TVO's "The Agenda"

An interview with Alison Loat by Carol Off on CBC Radio's "As It Happens" (the segment begins at the 7:00 mark)

An interview with Alison Loat by Rosemary Barton on CBC TV's "Power and Politics" (the segment begins at the 33:15 mark)

A survey article on partisanship in the House which features an interview with Alison Loat in The Hill Times.

An article illuminating the report by Bea Vongdouangchanh in The Hill Times.

An op-ed by Joe Jordan in The Hill Times

An article by Elizabeth Thompson in, which also ran in newspapers across Canada, including the National PostVancouver SunCalgary HeraldWindsor StarOttawa Citizen and on

An excerpt, "What are we doing here," by Aaron Wherry , from Maclean's.

An excerpt from an op-ed by Alison Loat in the Globe and Mail, "What do we want from them?", by Aaron Wherry, from Maclean's.

An excerpt from Hill Times survey featuring Alison Loat, "Somebody should do something," by Aaron Wherry, from Maclean's.

"Democracy in Danger?! Not really," by Andrew Potter, from the Ottawa Citizen.

piece reflecting on the findings for Alberta's Legislative Assembly, by Dave Cournoyer.

The Accidental Citizen?

"Liberals should reform the candidate nomination process," an article by Kyle Harrietha in

An interview with Alison Loat on TVO's "The Agenda" with Steve Paikin.

An interview with Alison Loat, followed by a discussion with former MPs John Godfrey, Jean Augustine and Monte Solberg by Anna Maria Tremonti, on CBC Radio's "The Current".

An editorial "MPs: our inside outsiders," by the Globe and Mail's editorial board.

Another interview, this time on TV, with Alison Loat by Rosemary Barton on CBC's "Power and Politics" (the segment begins at the 1:47 mark).

blog by Andrew Potter, from Maclean's.

An excerpt, entitled "A House of Outsiders and Idealists," by Aaron Wherry, from Maclean's.

Another excerpt, entitled "Hide Your Ambitions," by Aaron Wherry, from Maclean's.

An Extra, Extra mention by David Topping, in the Torontoist.

An article, "Study undercuts the stereotypes about politicians," by David Beers in the

view on the report's implications for potential female candidates, from the Equal Voice blog.

reflection on the report's implications on policy change, "The World's Older Profession," by Al Etmanski on his blog.

Another reflection on the report, "Silly Monkeys," by Max Fawcett, on his blog.

Best Political Books of the Last 25 Years contest

blog, by Susan Delacourt, from the Toronto Star

An addition to our books list, by John Geddes from Maclean's

Journalism seminars

round-up of television, print, radio and online coverage on the visit of Birgitta Jonsdottir

column on the State of the News Media report by Kathy English, in the Toronto Star

Q&A with Tom Rosenstiel by Susan Krashinsky, in the Globe and Mail 

radio interview with Tom Rosenstiel by Anna Maria Tremonti, on CBC Radio's "The Current"

An interview with Paul Steiger by Joseph Brean, in the National Post

Samara holds regular chats on Twitter engaging our followers and encouraging political participation and non-partisan discussion. Flip through our latest chat below, and see more of them here