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Write a five-minute review for our blog

Samara's “Five-minute review” series will feature quick reviews on books, articles or movies of interest to the Samara community.

If you’ve read or watched something you’d like to review, please contact us with your idea. The reviews should be short and provide readers with a quick sense of whether they’d be interested. We’ve provided a sample template here, but feel free to innovate if you wish. We also encourage you to read our editorial guidelines before submitting to us your idea.

Samara also receives advance copies of books on political topics.  If you’re interested in reviewing them, please email Fiona O'Connor through our Contact Us page.  We’ll notify you when one becomes available, and we’ll post your review on the Samara blog.


What is it?
For a book, include its title, publisher, and date of publication. For a movie, include its title, director, and year of release.

What is it about?
Write 3-4 sentences describing the book/movie, and what it tells the reader/viewer about.

Your assessment:
Write 3-4 sentences on what you thought of the book/movie overall.

Who should read/watch it:
Write 2 sentences on who the book/movie might appeal to.

You should give [title] a pass if:
Write 2 sentences on who might not be interested in reading/watching it.

Who are you:
Write 2 sentences about yourself.

For more information:
Provide a link to where people can read/watch/learn more about the book/movie.

Please include an image or video with your review.