EPCitizen launches August 30th, 2016!

Do you know an Everyday Political Citizen in your community? This annual contest celebrates political role models young and old. Is there a person in your community who volunteers tirelessly to build a better Canada? Nominate them for this contest, which runs through the month of September!

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What is the EPCitizen project?
Everyday Political Citizen (EPCitizen) is a project to tell local stories about Canadians' participation in their democracy. At a time when many Canadians are disengaging from politics, we want to highlight the regular people who make their communities better every day.  Samara profiles these role models' stories on our blog and through traditional and social media. We hope these everyday stories will inspire other Canadians to get involved in Canada's democracy. 

How does it work?
Through September 2016, Samara is asking YOU to nominate an EPCitizen. In October, a jury of prominent Canadians will select shortlists in three age categories (under 18, 18-29, 30+). Finally, in January 2017, Rick Mercer will annouce the winners of the Everyday Political Citizen project. 

Who should I nominate?
EPCitizen is a project that celebrates ordinary citizens working in different ways to make Canadian democracy better. Think of one person in your community who goes above and beyond to "get political" to make Canada better.  Is it your 12-year-old neighbour who enthusiastically knocked on doors in the last campaign? Or is it a busy parent you know who makes time to organize the PTA. Tell us about that one person who sticks out about this person and publicly thank them for their service by recognizing them nationally. For inspiration, read about last year's nominees

Has this worked before?
Yes! This year will boast EPCitizen's fourth annual contest. In the past three years, we've received over 800 nominations representing every province and territory in Canada. Scroll through our blog to read last year's nominations. 

EPCitizen Sponsors

The Everyday Political Citizen project would be impossible without contributions from generous sponsors. Funding helps us run our website, create promotional materials, convene events around everyday political citizenship and build the community of Canadians who are passionate about positive politics.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of EPCitizen, please get in touch with Samara's Managing Director Kendall Anderson at [email protected].

Media impact

Through Everyday Political Citizen, we want to share the most inspiring stories of political citizenship with the entire country.  Here are just a few of those stories from the last three years:

Cree youth mentor Cory Nicotine appeared on the APTN National news. Luke, founder of StopGap Ramp, spoke to the Toronto Star and As it Happens. Vancouver School Board ambassador Hana joined the two men in an interview in the National Post. Runners-up Alyssa Frampton, Abdikadir Warsame and Tim Otitoju, and Jorgina Sunn were also featured in local news.

During the 2014 contest, Postmedia covered the whole shortlist that year. Metro Edmonton talked to 2014 youth winner Nessa Deans while the Chronicle Herald caught up with the year's adult winner Tim Halman.

For a complete (and certainly exhaustive) compilation of EPCitizen in the media, take a look at our News Coverage page