Everyday Political Citizen 2015 Shortlists

The 2015 Shortlists

Conducted coast to coast to coast, Everyday Political Citizen aims to recognize the diversity of politics and democracy in Canada. From June to October we crowd-sourced over 300 nominations  for political citizens, celebrating some of the many thousands of ordinary people engaging in big and small ways in this country's rich political culture.  

A jury of prominent Canadians came up with this shortlist. Winners will be announced on December 3rd by Rick Mercer. 

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Under 18

Hana Woldeyes from Vancouver, British Columbia


under 18 hana
Alison Loat - Hana Woldeyes

"Who can’t be inspired by Hana Woldeyes?  A newcomer to Canada who within just a few short years is more involved than many who have lived their lives here, and who furthermore is helping those around her better understand how politics works and how to connect to it."
- Alison Loat

Corbin Grieves from Oxford House, Manitoba


under 18 - corbin
PIP - Corbin Grieves

"Corbin finds multiple avenues for making positive change in his community may it be through grassroots movements or music. He is a future leader and we congratulate him on his everyday hard work." - Parliamentary Internship Programme Jurors 

Amin Ali from Toronto, Ontario


under 18 - amin
Nessa Deans - Amin Ali

"I choose Amin Ali for the Samara Everyday Political Citizen under 18 category because he has been very involved in youth issues by organizing a number of conferences and events in Toronto, which is a  lot of work, especially at 14.  I think it is great that he talks to his friends about issues and politics, and that he tries to get them involved- I know what that is like and it's not easy!" - Nessa Dean, 2014 EPCitizen Youth Winner 

Mackenzie Hulme from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

under 18 - mackenzie 2
Tim Halman

"I am pleased to nominate Mackenzie Hulme.  Mackenzie leads by example and has demonstrated what it means to be an engaged citizen.  From model parliament to serving as a page and a school trustee, MacKenzie Hulme exemplifies integrity and the importance of serving your community.  Keep up the great work Mackenzie!"
- Tim Halman, 2014 EPCitizen Winner 

Roman Ebadi from Hamilton, Ontario


Under 18 Roman
Bob Sutton

"I am nominating Roman Ebadi because he clearly has remarkable vision, diverse and laudable interests, a record of achievement, and a global perspective that brings him respect both within Canada and on the global stage.

His abilities to engender trust amongst his peers as he demonstrates amazing skills in strategy development, donor engagement, and budget management has made the Organization for Ontario Secondary School Students and CANMUN (Canada UN Model) vibrant with youth ideas and energy.

He will no doubt leave a lasting image of creative and credible Canadian youth when he attends the Council of Europe’s World Forum for Democracy as Canada’s youth representative. His ability to present on the topic of “Freedom vs Control: For a democratic response” will give full evidence to his infinite talent, wisdom, and maturity. AN outstanding Everyday Political Citizen!" - Bob Sutton

Ages 18-29

Jesse Mike from Iqaluit, Nunavut


18-29 jesse

Darlene - Jesse Mike

"I have chosen Jessie Mike from Iqaluit because she loves her community and heritage." 
- Darlene Okemaysim-Sicotte

Abdikadir Warsame from Regina, Saskatchewan


18-29 kadir

Shad - Kadir Warsame

Rick Mercer- Kadir

"Abdikadir works everyday to help young people in a tough spot.  By demonstrating his leadership he activates theirs -- talk about a model for a sustainable democracy. Like so many of these incredible nominees, Abdikadir takes it to the next level by becoming involved in a national organization whose goals he believes in. On the street or in the board room he's getting it done, and it's inspiring."
- Rick Mercer

"Abdikadir offers his skills and experience in a generous way but also a natural way, as part of relationship and friendship. It shows that civic engagement doesn't have to be complicated." - Shad

Theresa Do from Toronto, Ontario


18-29 theresa
Hannah Godefa - copy 1

"I am nominating Theresa Do because she exemplifies youth leadership and civic engagement. Her work through DFRO demonstrates her passion for issues of inequity around the world. The inForum conference has bridged a gap between professionals and youth of various diverse backgrounds, and Do has dedicated much of her time to serving her community locally and abroad. She is a role model for many young Canadians interested in public service and governance." - Hannah Godefa

Jonah Brook from Vancouver, British Columbia


18-29 jonah
Tim Halman - jonah Brook

"I am pleased to nominate Jonah Brook.  Jonah exemplifies the importance of dialogue around public policy and he educates in a non partisan way.  Keep up the great work Jonah!" - Tim Halman, 2014 EPCitizen Winner

Alyssa Frampton from Botwood, Newfoundland


18-29 alyssa

Trina McQueen - Alyy Frampton

"She is absolutely full of energy, and she wisely focuses that strength on her national advocacy for at risk young people. She is expert in using social media to inspire and to lead change. I loved it that she says she 'loves hot drinks, politics and rap music, sometimes all at once!'" - Trina McQueen

Cory Nicotine from Edmonton, Alberta

18-29 cory
Nancy Close - cory Nicotine
Bob Sutton - Cory Nicotine
PIP - Cory Nicotine

“I am nominating Cory Nicotine for Samara's Everyday Political Citizen. As I read through the stories of the nominees I was excited that Samara's research has been confirmed: People under 30 are not apathetic! They are more politically engaged than older cohorts. For me, Samara's Everyday Political citizen project serves to remind us all about the 'power of the people', that 'knowledge is power', of the importance of each us being involved, informed and engaged citizens in our democracy. Cory's nomination reaffirms the importance of political engagement as an everyday, ongoing activity of involvement and conversation, it highlights hope and possibility, and makes me reveal my age by shouting " right on!"” –
Nancy Close 

“I’m nominating Cory Nicotine because he opened his heart and mind to the lives of others, went to Tanzania with Canada’s World Youth Leaders in Action, and translated the insights gained in Africa into innovative initiatives in Canada. His “Knowledge is Powwow” project reflects both the pragmatic and the ideal in moving people beyond talking about others to actually talking with others…an absolute essential to real understanding and engaged citizenship. By hosting a series of events amongst vulnerable youth from diverse backgrounds to discuss together such issues as social justice, civic engagement, voting, religious pluralism and diversity, Cory has exemplified the kind of citizen action that cannot go unnoticed. Clearly by his spirit, his action-orientation, and his grasp of the very essence of our humanity, Cory represents the very best of Canada’s future, and he will no doubt play a pivotal role in it.”
 – Bob Sutton

“We are pleased to announce CORY NICOTINE as our 18 to 29 EPC nominee. Cory is an inspiration to many. He is involved in his community on multiple levels and holds dear the well-being of society. We congratulate him on making positive change an everyday action in his life.” – Parliamentary Internship Programme Jurors

Ages 30+ 

Jorgina Sunn from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 


30+ jorgina

Colum Grove-White - Jorgina Sunn

"I was really blown away with Jorgina's nomination.  It's really amazing how this woman has pulled herself from the brink.  Now she is using her own experiences to bring issues of poverty and substance abuse to the province of Saskatchewan, and inspiring other young women in need of counselling and support.  Truly inspirational."
- Colum Grove-White

Luke Anderson from Toronto, Ontario


30+ luke

Neil Desai - Luke Anderson

"I’m pleased to nominate Luke Anderson. He exemplifies the qualities that make up an Everyday Political Citizen.  His efforts to rally diverse groups to come together and solve a real challenge that ultimately improves the lives of Canadians in a meaningful fashion is truly inspiring."
- Neil Desai

Katie Gibbs from Ottawa, Ontario


30+ Katie Gibbs
Nessa Deans - Katie Gibbs

"I choose Katie Gibbs for the Samara Everyday Political Citizen 30+ category because I think her work at E4D is amazing.  She is the kind of leader we need to keep our democracy strong, and to remove political interference in science." - Nessa Deans, 2014 EPCitizen Youth Winner

Tim Otitoju from Regina, Saskatchewan


30+ tim o
Pauline A - Tim O

"I have selected Tim, because he is deeply involved in, and a role model, for the newcomer community in Regina. He has embraced Canada's electoral democracy, his role as a Canadian citizen and strives to improve the democratic process by meeting with his local elected officials on issues important to his community and his business and encouraging political participation. He is a young, motivated entrepreneur with a lot to offer his community and his country. I think this is just the start for Tim and this nomination will encourage him to keep pushing." - Pauline Aunger

Heather Rose and Kim Peterson from Ottawa, Ontario


30+ heather and kim
Baird - Heather and Kim

"I want to congratulate Heather Rose and Kim Peterson.  Learning that your child has special needs is always a difficult experience. It's reassuring to be able to ask questions of a community of people who have been through similar challenges. The Ontario Special Needs Roadmap is a wonderful resource to help parents navigate the various services offered by both the government and nonprofit groups to help parents care for their children.  Heather and Kim have created a resource and service that is non-partisan and available to everyone who needs it regardless of geography, status or age. Congratulations!" - Hon. John Baird

Cheri Macaulay from Calgary, Alberta


30 + cheri

Alison Loat - Cheri MacCauley

"What I loved best about Cheri Macaulay’s work was not only her own participation – which is extensive – but the fact that she’s initiated projects that provide easy ways for others to get involved. For example, Calgary’s Civic Camp provided a platform for everyday citizens to have a voice in their city, and Three Things for Calgary encourages every Calgarian to annually do three simple things – like shovelling someone’s snow – that help build a stronger community for everyone."
- Alison Loat 

Joan Kuyek from Ottawa, Ontario 


30+ joan 2
Steve L - Joan Kuyek

"I'm nominating Joan Kuyek. I like the way her political involvement *started* with elected office rather than culminating with an electoral victory. It says a lot about someone when they decide that they can achieve greater results by immersing themselves deeply and enthusiastically in their community, and she has certainly done this. Being an every day political citizen doesn't need to be your full-time job, but Ms. Kuyek has certainly made it a lifelong mission." -
Steve Ladurantaye 

Aryan Athar Hussain


Peter Milliken - Aryan 2

"Aryan promotes participation in the life of our country by people in many areas - charitable, political and community based.  We need people to help build our society in all these areas. I’m thankful for his significant encouragement of others."
- Hon. Peter Milliken

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