Next Steps

The MP exit interview project is just the beginning. On this page you can learn about our next project, the Samara Democracy Report, bring a representative of Samara to your school or community group, conduct your own exit interviews or volunteer with Samara. 

Learn about the Samara Democracy Report

We are developing an index to measure the health of Canadian democracy. This will serve as a report card that includes a broad set of indicators to help assess how Canadian democracy is working.  The results will be released annually to encourage discussion and focus attention on the continued strengthening of Canada's democracy.

Our goal is to support decision makers and the public by measuring the function and resulting public perception of three essential components of our democracy: political leadership (including Parliament and political parties), citizen participation and media discourse.

The index's aim is to be inspirational: to give praise and point out deficiencies, but above all, to encourage focus on and continued improvement of our democracy.

Part of the Samara Democracy Report will include interviews with MPs who left politcal life in May 2011.

Learn more about the Samara Democracy Report.

Bring Samara to you

Samara's mission is to study and facilitate citizen engagement with Canadian democracy. To this end, Samara's representatives are always looking for opportunities to discuss the findings from the MP exit interview project, or any of our other projects, with community groups.

Executive Director Alison Loat has spoken to a variety of groups, including the 40 Under 40, Engineers Without Borders, teachers’ associations, Rotarians, congregations and other community groups, university classes  and more. She is also regularly invited to speak to the media, and clips of these appearances are available in our media room.

Samara’s team members are often travelling across the country and may be in your town soon. We would be pleased to tie in a discussion, if schedules permit. To find out when we’ll be near you, contact us. If we aren’t coming to your area anytime soon, we can always organize an online seminar to discuss our work with you and your group.

If your group is interested in booking a talk or seminar, please contact us.

Conduct your own interviews

Many people have asked whether we will be conducting exit interviews with representatives from provincial or municipal levels of government, or with other Ottawa insiders such as Senators or political staffers. Unfortunately, our organization does not have the resources to do so; however, if you are interested in undertaking a similar project, please contact us. We would be happy to share our methodology and experiences with you.

Volunteer with Samara

If you found the MP exit interview project interesting, you may want to lend a hand in Samara's other projects. Volunteers at Samara are drawn from all walks of life and are able to contribute in a variety of ways. Much of the work on the Samara Democracy Report relies on volunteer teams. Volunteers have also helped with data analysis and writing for Samara's blog.

If you are interested in contributing to Samara's work, please contact us at info[@] with your resume and a short cover note describing your interest in Samara and the areas where you're interested in contributing. The biographies of our existing volunteers are here, and we would love to add you to the list.

If you schedule does not allow you to volunteer but you’d still like to contribute, please spread the word to your friends or family, or consider making a charitable donation to support our work.