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Press Releases

The Samara Centre for Democracy Welcomes Three New Board Members

For release December 20, 2021
The Samara Centre welcomes Liban Abokor, Kris Archie, and Zain Velji to its Board of Directors

The Samara Centre for Democracy announces new Executive Director

For release May 25, 2021
Sabreena Delhon brings long experience as justice advocate and champion of civic engagement

Temperature Check

For release October 28, 2020
Canadians increasingly satisfied with democracy, less likely to express populist sentiments, new report finds

Representation in Isolation

For release September 22, 2020
With MPs deeply divided on how to convene pandemic Parliament, new survey charts a way forward

House Inspection

For release January 21, 2020
Parliament must improve scrutiny and debate, and decrease partisanship

The Samara Centre's Field Guide to Online Political Conversations

For release September 19, 2019
Canadians say political conversations online are angrier and less civil, feel less safe sharing their views

You Have Our Attention

For release August 21, 2019
Young Canadians aren’t apathetic—they’re paying attention to politics, taking action, and eligible to vote

Party Favours (Parties Project, Report One)

For release July 17, 2019
Nomination contests a weak link in Canada’s democracy

Don't Blame "The People" (Democracy 360+ Report)

For release May 7, 2019
Survey finds Canadians are not as populist as feared

2019 Democracy 360

For release March 26, 2019 Canada’s democracy earns a “B-” in third Democracy 360 report card

The Real House Lives (Report Three, MP Exit Interviews Vol. II)

For release October 31, 2018
Former Members of Parliament say polarization and partisanship are amplified, hindered their ability to lead

Beyond the Barbecue (Report Two, MP Exit Interviews Vol. II)

For release July 25, 2018
Former Members of Parliament report increased constituency casework and events getting in the way of parliamentary role and meaningful consultation

Flip the Script (Report One, MP Exit Interviews Vol. II)

For release June 12, 2018
Former Members of Parliament report feeling more powerless than previous parliaments

Ryerson's Faculty of Arts, Samara Canada establish Democratic Engagement Exchange

For release November 27, 2017
New initiative to drive democratic engagement by bringing together the Ryerson community with community-based organizations and local leaders

No One Is Listening

For release October 25, 2017
Two years after federal election, MPs still torn about heckling: They think it's a problem... yet they persist

Samara's 2017 Democracy 360

For release March 28, 2017
Canada’s democracy awarded “B-” in second Democracy 360 report card

Announcing the Everyday Political Citizen 2016 Winners

For release December 8, 2016
Samara Canada honours three women with the 2016 Everyday Political Citizen award

Announcing the Everyday Political Citizen 2016 Shortlist

For release November 22, 2016
EPCitizen Shortlist

Can You Hear Me Now?

For release October 19, 2016
New research shows young people did more than just increase voter turnout in the 2015 federal election

Youth Poster

For release June 16, 2016
Political parties: You have a new market to impress

Survey of MPs highlights frustrating paradox

For release February 20, 2016
Lessons from the 41st Parliament for the return of the 42nd Parliament next week

Cheering or Jeering

For release January 20, 2016
Samara surveyed Members of Parliament about heckling in the 41st Parliament. 

Announcing the Everyday Political Citizen 2015 Winners

For release December 3, 2015
Everyday Political Citizen award winners promise a more inclusive future for Canadians

Canadian Election Analysis 2015

For release November 9, 2015
In an unprecedented move, 66 of Canada's leading thinkers and political scientists have come together to examine every angle of October's 42nd General Election

Vote PopUp

For release October 1, 2015
This election, Samara is demystifying the voting process for new voters and marginalized Canadians

Message Not Delivered

For release September 9, 2015
Samara Canada's new report debunks the myth of apathetic youth and stresses the importance of contact from political leaders in increasing voter turnout

Samara's Democracy 360

For release March 25, 2015
Samara's first-ever report card on Canada's democracy awards a "C". Causes include low participation and low trust

2014 Analysis of Members of Parliament's Websites

For release December 8, 2014
Second annual review of Members of Parliament’s websites continues to show MPs are not taking advantage of digital outlets to connect with Canadians.

Announcing the Everyday Political Citizen 2014 Winners

For release December 3, 2014
High-school teacher Tim Halman from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia named Everyday Political Citizen of the Year

Announcing the 2014 Everyday Political Citizen Jury

For release September 8, 2014
Rick Mercer, Madeleine Redfern and NHLer Grant Clitsome join a jury of prominent Canadians to champion Everyday Political Citizens

Analysis of riding association websites

For release March 10, 2014
Political parties' local chapters fail to use websites to connect with Canadians

By Invitation Only

For release February 18, 2014
Canadians award political parties largely failing grades

Everyday Political Citizen contest winners announced

For release February 3, 2014
Winners of the Everyday Political Citizen contest put a positive face on politics

Prominent Canadians name the top Political Citizens of 2013

For release January 21, 2014
Non-partisan think tank Samara and political leaders recognize thirteen ‘Everyday Political Citizens’

Members of Parliament's websites analyzed

For release December 2, 2013
Review of Members of Parliament’s websites shows most fail to seize digital opportunities to connect with Canadians.

Everyday Political Citizen

For release November 11, 2013
Rick Mercer, Kirstine Stewart and Preston Manning join a panel of Canadians to champion Everyday Political Citizens.


For release July 8, 2013
New report reveals Canadians' low political participation between elections, particularly among youth. 

MPs by the Books

For release May 13, 2013
New research finds Cabinet Ministers are among the quietest MPs in the House

Lost in Translation or Just Lost? 

For release February 4, 2013
New research analyzes how well Canadians interests are represented in the House of 

Who's the Boss?

For release December 3, 2012
New research finds satisfaction with democracy at all-time low

Occupiers and Legislators

For release June 27, 2012
Report: New research questions old assumptions about political news

The Real Outsiders

For release December 7, 2011 
New Report: Politically disengaged Canadians explain their declining participation

MP Exit Interview Reports

For release September 14, 2011
Former Members of Parliament advise incoming MPs on improving Parliament and Canada’s political culture

It's My Party

For release April 18, 2011
Former Members of Parliament cite their own parties as a source of frustration

Welcome to Parliament

For release November 30, 2010
New report identifies little consistency in how former MPs describe the core purpose of a Member of Parliament; exposes largely unexplored aspects of Canadian political leadership