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iiii_bullet  Samara's Everyday Political Citizen

Between 2013 and 2018, the Samara Centre for Democracy held an annual contest that profiled Everyday Political Citizens and their contributions to Canada's democracy. The Everyday Political Citizen contest celebrated advocates, organizers, educators, and other changemakers who worked in ways both big and small to make positive change in their communities and across our country—without being elected to public office.

Nominated by friends, family, and colleagues, these political role models were drawn from across Canada, reminding us that true political leadership can be found in all communities and all around us. Nominees received recognition in the media, on the Samara Centre website, and through social media. Winners were selected by a jury of prominent Canadians, including Margaret Atwood, Desmond Cole, Shadrach Kabango, Nam Kiwanuka, Rick Mercer, and Senator Douglas Black.

Through this contest, over 1,200 inspiring and harworking Canadians were highlighted not only for making their communities better, but for making Canada's democracy stronger.


iiii_bullet  Who is an Everyday Political Citizen?

Everyday Political Citizens, or EPCitizens, are the unsung heroes of our democracy. They are regular people who volunteer their time to make positive change at the local, regional or national level. An EPCitizen can be anyone living in Canada, regardless of age, background or citizenship status.

Many EPCitizens used their extraordinary talents and influence in the public sphere to go on and create innovation in public policy and governance. Check out the finalists below!

iiii_bullet  How to be an Everyday Political Citizen Video

Follow Michelle as she learns from real-life Everyday Political Citizen and accessibility advocate Luke Anderson about the many ways she can make a difference on the issues she cares about.

If you have any questions about the Everyday Political Citizen project, please contact us at info@samaracanada.com.

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