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Step #1 | First, tell us a little about yourself.

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Step #2 | Next, tell us a bit about your nominee.

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Step #3 | Now, upload a recent photo of your nominee.

Your nominee's photo:

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Photos should be high resolution but no larger than 7MB. They look best in landscape (horizontal rectangle) with a large background. Accepted formats include JPG and PNG. NOTE: This page will crash if uploading a file larger than 7MB.

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Step #4 | Finally, tell us what makes your nominee an Everyday Political Citizen.

This is your chance to tell the story of your nominee and to make the case for why they deserve to be an Everyday Political Citizen!

This text will be shared on Samara's blog and social media, and with jury members and media organizations.

In the text box below (drag the bottom right corner of the box to make it larger), using up to 150 words, tell us:

  • What actions your nominee has taken that makes them an Everyday Political Citizen;
  • What drives your nominee to take these actions or makes them stand out; and
  • How their actions impact the community and/or make our democracy stronger.

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