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Nominations are now closed.

Shortlisted nominees will be announced in November!


Nominate an Everyday Political Citizen

To nominate an Everyday Political Citizen, just finish four simple steps!

Before getting started, make sure you have all your information with you:

  • Your nomineee's email address
  • Your nominee's age category (under 18, 19-29, 30 and over)
  • A recent photo of your nominee
  • Your nominee's social media handles (optional)
  • An explanation of what makes your nominee an Everyday Political Citizen

Please do not refresh the page as your information will be lost. To avoid losing any information, you may want to copy-and-paste it from another document.

If you prefer, you can email your nomination to [email protected]. In your email, please make sure to include all the information that is requested on our online form.

For tips and tricks on how to write a winning nomination, check out this blog post.

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