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Deliberative Democracy

Op-ed: Canada can prove it's a leader in deliberative democracy

We propose that Canada’s Parliament become the first national legislature in the world to adopt a permanent system of citizens’ assemblies.

​Temperature Check

Report: Temperature Check

Drawing on national public opinion surveys, we examine how the COVID-19 pandemic has altered Canadian democratic attitudes.

How Incivility Harms Politics

Blog: Four ways online incivility harms Canadian politics

While passion and anger are important in politics, find out why incivility can have real costs for our democracy.

Resources for Elected Leaders

Resources for Elected Leaders

A selection of non-partisan resources that can assist elected representatives in defining their role and priorities.

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The Samara Centre for Democracy is a non-partisan charity dedicated to strengthening Canada’s democracy. The Samara Centre produces innovative, action-oriented research that illuminates the evidence and reforms needed to make Canadian politics more accessible, responsive, and inclusive. Through original engagement programming, we provide active citizens and public leaders with tools and resources designed to engage Canadians in their democracy.

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