Top MP websites

Top MP websites

The top websites for Members of Parliament

Congratulations to these sites which scored 11 out of 14 or higher.

 Boulerice, Alexandre
 Chisholm, Robert
 Chow, Olivia
 Crowder, Jean
 Cullen, Nathan
 Davies, Don
 Duncan, Linda
 Freeman, Mylène
 Fry, Hedy
 Harris, Dan
 Masse, Brian
 Mathyssen, Irene
 Nash, Peggy
 Nunez-Melo, José
 Rankin, Murray
 Thibeault, Glenn
 Weston, John

Complete list of Members of Parliament's websites

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Ablonczy, Diane
Adams, Eve
Adler, Mark
Aglukkaq, Leona
Albas, Dan
Albrecht, Harold
Alexander, Chris
Allen, Malcolm
Allen, Mike
Allison, Dean
Ambler, Stella
Ambrose, Rona
Anders, Rob 
Anderson, David
Andrews, Scott
Angus, Charlie
Armstrong, Scott
Ashfield, Keith
Ashton, Niki
Aspin, Jay
Atamanenko, Alex
Aubin, Robert
Ayala, Paulina
Baird, John
Bateman, Joyce
Bélanger, Mauril
Bellavance, André
Bennett, Carolyn
Benoit, Leon
Benskin, Tyrone
Bergen, Candice
Bernier, Maxime
Bevington, Dennis
Bezan, James
Blanchette, Denis
Blanchette- Lamothe, Lysane
Blaney, Steven
Block, Kelly
Boivin, Françoise
Borg, Charmaine
Boughen, Ray
Boulerice, Alexandre
Boutin-Sweet, Marjolaine
Brahmi, Tarik
Braid, Peter
Breitkreuz, Garry
Brison, Scott
Brosseau, Ruth Ellen
Brown, Patrick
Brown, Lois
Brown, Gordon
Bruinooge, Rod
Butt, Brad
Byrne, Gerry
Calandra, Paul
Calkins, Blaine
Cannan, Ron
Carmichael, John
Caron, Guy
Carrie, Colin
Casey, Sean
Cash, Andrew
Charlton, Chris
Chicoine, Sylvain
Chisholm, Robert
Chisu, Corneliu
Chong, Michael
Choquette, François
Chow, Olivia
Christopherson, David
Clarke, Rob
Cleary, Ryan
Clement, Tony
Comartin, Joe
Côté, Raymond
Cotler, Irwin
Crockatt, Joan
Crowder, Jean
Cullen, Nathan
Cuzner, Rodger
Daniel, Joe
Davidson, Patricia
Davies, Don
Davies, Libby
Day, Anne-Marie
Dechert, Bob
Del Mastro, Dean
Devolin, Barry
Dewar, Paul
Dion, Stéphane
Dionne Labelle, Pierre
Donnelly, Fin
Doré-Lefebvre, Rosane
Dreeshen, Earl
Dubé, Matthew
Duncan, Linda
Duncan, Kirsty
Duncan, John
Dusseault, Pierre-Luc
Dykstra, Rick
Easter, Wayne
Eyking, Mark
Fantino, Julian
Fast, Ed
Findlay, Kerry-Lynne
Finley, Diane
Flaherty, Jim
Fletcher, Steven
Foote, Judy
Fortin, Jean-François
Freeman, Mylène
Fry, Hedy
Galipeau, Royal
Gallant, Cheryl
Garneau, Marc
Garrison, Randall
Genest, Réjean
Genest-Jourdain, Jonathan
Giguère, Alain
Gill, Parm
Glover, Shelly
Godin, Yvon
Goguen, Robert
Goldring, Peter
Goodale, Ralph
Goodyear, Gary
Gosal, Bal
Gourde, Jacques No website available
Gravelle, Claude
Grewal, Nina
Groguhé, Sadia
Harper, Stephen
Harris, Dan
Harris, Jack
Harris, Richard M. No website available
Hassainia, Sana
Hawn, Laurie
Hayes, Bryan
Hiebert, Russ
Hillyer, Jim
Hoback, Randy
Holder, Ed
Hsu, Ted
Hughes, Carol
Hyer, Bruce
Jacob, Pierre
James, Roxanne
Jean, Brian
Jones, Yvonne
Julian, Peter
Kamp, Randy
Karygiannis, Jim
Keddy, Gerald
Kellway, Matthew
Kenney, Jason
Kent, Peter
Kerr, Greg
Komarnicki, Ed
Kramp, Daryl
Lake, Mike
Lamoureux, Kevin
Lapointe, François
Larose, Jean-François
Latendresse, Alexandrine
Lauzon, Guy
Laverdière, Hélène
Lebel, Denis
Leblanc, Hélène
LeBlanc, Dominic
Leef, Ryan
Leitch, Kellie
Lemieux, Pierre
Leslie, Megan
Leung, Chungsen
Liu, Laurin
Lizon, Wladyslaw
Lobb, Ben
Lukiwski, Tom
Lunney, James
MacAulay, Lawrence
Mackay, Peter Gordon
MacKenzie, Dave
Mai, Hoang
Marston, Wayne
Martin, Pat
Masse, Brian
Mathyssen, Irene
May, Elizabeth
Mayes, Colin
McCallum, John
McColeman, Phil
McGuinty, David
McKay, John
McLeod, Cathy
Menegakis, Costas
Menzies, Ted
Merrifield, Rob
Michaud, Élaine
Miller, Larry
Moore, James
Moore, Christine
Moore, Rob
Morin, Dany
Morin, Marc-André
Morin, Isabelle
Morin, Marie-Claude
Mourani, Maria
Mulcair, Thomas
Murray, Joyce
Nantel, Pierre
Nash, Peggy
Nicholls, Jamie
Nicholson, Rob
Norlock, Rick
Nunez-Melo, José
Obhrai, Deepak
O'Connor, Gordon
Oliver, Joe
O'Neill-Gordon, Tilly
Opitz, Ted
O'Toole, Erin
Pacetti, Massimo
Papillon, Annick
Paradis, Christian
Patry, Claude  No website available
Payne, LaVar
Péclet, Éve
Perreault, Manon
Pilon, François
Plamondon, Louis
Poilievre, Pierre
Preston, Joe
Quach, Anne Minh-Thu
Rafferty, John
Raitt, Lisa
Rajotte, James
Rankin, Murray
Rathgeber, Brent
Ravignat, Mathieu
Raynault, Francine
Regan, Geoff
Reid, Scott
Rempel, Michelle
Richards, Blake
Rickford, Greg
Ritz, Gerry
Rousseau, Jean
Saganash, Romeo
Sandhu, Jasbir
Saxton, Andrew
Scarpaleggia, Francis
Scheer, Andrew (This link was not active during the research time period)
Schellenberger, Gary
Scott, Craig
Seeback, Kyle
Sellah, Djaouida
Sgro, Judy
Shea, Gail
Shipley, Bev
Shory, Devinder
Simms, Scott
Sims, Jinny
Sitsabaiesan, Rathika
Smith, Joy
Sopuck, Robert
Sorenson, Kevin
St. Denis, Lise  No website available
Stanton, Bruce
Stewart, Kennedy
Stoffer, Peter
Storseth, Brian
Stahl, Mark
Sullivan, Mike
Sweet, David
Thibeault, Glenn
Tilson, David
Toet, Lawrence
Toone, Philip
Tremblay, Jonathan
Trost, Bradley
Trottier, Bernard
Trudeau, Justin
Truppe, Susan
Turmel, Nycole
Uppal, Tim
Valcourt, Bernard
Valeriote, Francis
Van Kesteren, Dave
Van Loan, Peter
Vellacott, Maurice
Wallace, Mike
Warawa, Mark
Warkentin, Chris
Watson, Jeff
Weston, John
Weston, Rodney
Wilks, David 
Williamson, John
Wong, Alice
Woodworth, Stephen
Yelich, Lynne
Young, Terence
Young, Wai,
Zimmer, Bob
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