Samara's 2012 Citizen Survey

2012 Citizens' Survey

In 2012 Samara commissioned a national survey of Canadians to capture their opinions and perceptions about Canadian politics. This survey has been the basis of several Democracy Reports, including "Who's the Boss: Canadians' Views on Their Democracy" and "Lightweights: Political Participation Beyond the Ballot Box". 

The 2012 Samara Citizens' Survey has been used by academics to support their research. Several chapters  in Democracy From the Ground Up: Perceptions and Performance published by UBC Press in 2014 analyze this survey. 

UBC Book CoverIn the spirit of open data, Samara is pleased to make the 2012 Citizens' Survey available for download.By freely sharing this data, we hope that others will be able to explore, discover, and advance our collective knowledge of Canadians' relationship to politics and democracy.

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Research that employs this data must acknowledge Samara as a source (refer to section 1 of the Technical Documentation).

Samara 2012 Citizens' Survey Technical Documentation [PDF] 

Samara 2012 Citizens' Survey Questionnaire [PDF] 

Samara 2012 Citizens' Survey Data [STATA] [SPSS] 

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