Samara's 2016 Citizen Survey

2016 Citizens' Survey

In 2016 Samara commissioned a national survey of Canadians to capture their opinions and perceptions about Canadian politics. This survey forms the basis of Samara's 2017 Democracy 360, our second report card measuring how well Canadian democracy is faring. 

Samara's 2017 Democracy 360

The Details

Samara's 2016 Citizens’ Survey was conducted in English and French using an online sample of 4,003 Canadian residents over 18 years of age living in ten provinces. Data was collected between September 23rd and October 6th, 2016. The survey has a credibility interval of 2.7 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

Responses were weighted to ensure they reflect a national representative sample of Canadians. Weighting was done with respect to gender, region, age group, whether respondents were born inside or outside of Canada, whether respondents spoke English, French, or another language at home, and self-reported voter turnout.

The Samara Centre worked with Professors Peter Loewen (University of Toronto) and Daniel Rubenson (Ryerson University) to complete the data collection, cleaning, and weighting.

The survey was conducted using Qualtrics.

The Data

Research that employs this data must acknowledge the Samara Centre for Democracy as a source.

Samara 2016 Citizens' Survey Technical Documentation [PDF]

Samara 2016 Citizens' Survey Questionnaire [PDF]

Samara 2016 Citizens' Survey Data [STATA] [SPSS]

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions regarding the documentation or data. 

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In the spirit of open data, Samara is pleased to make the 2016 Citizens' Survey available for download.

By freely sharing this data, we hope that others will be able to explore, discover, and advance our collective knowledge of Canadians' relationship to politics and democracy. 

Research like this is possible with the help of our individual donors across the country.

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