Resources for Elected Leaders

Resources for Elected Leaders

Welcome to the 43 Parliament

For over a decade, the Samara Centre for Democracy has studied Canada’s Parliament, political parties, and citizen engagement. In this time, the Samara Centre has established itself not only as a trustworthy source of information on the health of our democracy, but also as a champion of our elected leaders’ crucial role within it.

Elected leaders, we are here to assist you and your staff in our shared objective of pursuing a resilient and vibrant democracy. Below is a selection of non-partisan resources that can help you define your role and priorities as independent, thoughtful, engaged, and empowered representatives. Although some of the resources are intended for Members of Parliament, most are suitable to leaders at other levels of government. We also include educational tools that you can share with your constituents.

In addition to consulting elected representatives at all levels of government, we regularly appear before parliamentary committees on issues of democratic reform, and offer insight on legislation related to parliamentary procedures, civic engagement, elections, and political parties.

If you are interested in collaborating with the Samara Centre or providing feedback on our research and resources, please do not hesitate to email us or call 416-960-7926.



Digital Opportunities

Digital Opportunities: Connecting with constituents during the pandemic and beyond

Created for elected representatives and their staff, this guide shares the rewards of online digital communication, gives tips on how to engage people effectively online and what to watch out for, and suggests tools to help you get started.

House Inspection

House Inspection: A Retrospective of the 42nd Parliament

Drawing on multiple sources, including surveys of sitting MPs, our latest report identifies several worrying trends in Parliament’s performance and proposes potential solutions.


Stronger Democracy Platform

This one-pager puts forward nine practical and simple reforms to empower MPs, demand transparency from political parties, and open new avenues of participation for Canadians during the 43rd Parliament.

Real House Lives

Real House Lives: Former Members of Parliament on How to Reclaim Democratic Leadership

Based on our latest round of MP exit interviews, this book uses the stories and experiences of former parliamentarians to examine how MPs can be effective in Parliament, in their constituency, and in their party.

Field Guide to Online Political Conversations

Field Guide to Online Political Conversations - Advice for Political Leaders 

Drawing on social science research, this illustrated infographic features tips on how political leaders can encourage less divisive and polarizing political discourse among Canadians. For more, read our Field Guide report.

Orientation Session for New MPs

Orientation Session for New MPs: Life in the 43rd Parliament

Watch a panel discussion on what life will be like in the 43rd Parliament, moderated by the Samara Centre's Kendall Anderson, and featuring journalist Susan Delacourt and former MPs Megan Leslie and James Rajotte. Download the slide deck.

Engaging Youth Between Elections

Engaging Youth Between Elections: A Guide to Local Youth Councils

This short guide offers practical advice and insight into local youth councils or advisory boards—an increasingly popular practice to involve young people in politics.

How to Engage Young Canadians

How to Engage Young Canadians: A Poster for Elected Representatives

This tool for engaging young constituents features advice from young Canadians.

Your Consultation Fortune

Your Consultation Fortune: A Tool for Engagement

This colourful and fun fortune teller is designed to help elected representatives connect with their constituents.

Educational tools


Field Guide to Online Political Conversations

Field Guide to Online Political Conversations

This report and accompanying infographics examine what's gone wrong with social media and how citizens can change the nature of digital discourse.

2019 Democracy 360

2019 Democracy 360

Our latest biennial report card on the health of Canadian democracy measures the ways in which Canadians communicate, participate, and lead in politics.

A Day in the Life of an MP

A Day in the Life of an MP

This animated video follows Priya, a recently elected MP, as she goes about her day in Ottawa, balancing her roles as legislator, representative, and service provider.

Political Participation Activities

Political Participation Activities

This checklist of political activities highlights several ways that individuals can participate in politics beyond voting, both online and in person.


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Welcome to the 43 Parliament