A Day in the Life of a Member of Parliament Video

A Day in the Life of a Member of Parliament Video

Every federal election, millions of Canadians head to the polls to elect or “hire” our Members of Parliament –but what do we hire them to do? What are the day-to-day responsibilities and real-life challenges of the job? Follow Priya, a recently elected MP, as she goes about her day in Ottawa, and find out how she balances her roles as legislator, representative, and service provider.

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This video is intended as an educational tool.For discussion questions, fun activities, and a glossary of key terms, download the Educator's Guide. Appropriate for ages 10 and up.


This video was made possible with financial support from The Chawkers FoundationThe Churchill Society, and individual donors.

Note: This video is the property and copyright of Samara Canada and intended for educational purposes. To obtain an institutional, commercial, or distribution license, please contact us.

Want to learn more about what it's like to be a Member of Parliament?

Featured on CPAC's Route 338, Day in the Life is a video series that takes a look at the work Parliamentarians do on the Hill and in their ridings.

Route 338 is a website that profiles and showcases all of Canada’s 338 federal ridings through photos, fast facts about each riding and videos from CPAC’s extensive archives.


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