Consultation Fortune Teller

Consultation Fortune Teller


Elected officials are the two-way link between their constituents and government. Sometimes their role is to be a listener and sometimes their role is to explain what is happening in government (and what they think of the results). In both cases, consultation is an important part of the job.

In 2017, Samara Canada brought together 40 young people to work on some intractable challenges facing our democracy. One of those challenges was how leaders can consult young people and others who are not the “usual suspects” found at town halls. The dos and don’ts in this fortune teller are the result.

We hope this fortune teller will serve as a tangible reminder of some of the best practices around consultation.

To download your fortune teller, click on the size of paper you wish to print it on and have fun folding!

Your Consultation Fortune (11 x 17 inches)

Your Consultation Fortune (8.5 x 11 inches)