"We all really enjoyed it. Conversation flowed very well and everybody shared without hesitation. It is very personalized and you don't get the typical 'guided discussion group' feel if you know what I mean."

- University student, Engineers Without Borders at University of Waterloo

"I just received my citizenship recently, so I haven't personally taken part in the political system here in Canada, but for sure I will be involved somehow. Organizations like yours and the effort that you guys do is a great thing because it stirs up people to rethink their position about politics."
- Hamilton resident, Institute for Canadian Citizenship

“I think for me it was reminding myself that I do have opinions and it’s not impossible for me to get engaged because I do care about things. I’m not totally apathetic – there’s hope for me still!”
- University student, EWB at University of Waterloo

"I am glad that other people actually have similar views of the confusion or dilemma that I have in terms of [political engagement]. So I think that is kind of encouraging to realize that people – that the questions I have are also what others have, so it makes sense to me."
- Brampton resident, Institute for Canadian Citizenship

"As a new immigrant, I often avoided discussing political issues because I felt embarrassed to talk about it in front of the public. But Samara gave us a good chance to voice our opinions in the group. In the Democracy Talks group, we had discussions around many political issues and shared a lot about how these issues affected us...After participating in the group, I am more confident in my ability to get involved in political and civic activities."
- Civic Awareness Project participant, Scarborough

“Samara: So what would you say to your friend who calls you about what happened tonight?
 Participant: I would tell him that I had this nice discussion today about politics and I realized that I haven’t been using my voice in politics, so I may be utilizing it pretty soon." 
- Toronto resident, UforChange

Democracy Talks in the News

Democracy Talks on the Blog

  • May 03, 2018

    Democracy Talks and Vote PopUp find a new home at Ryerson University

    We are excited to share that Democracy Talks and Vote PopUp, programs incubated at Samara, will now be housed at the Faculty of Arts at Ryerson University under the new Democratic Engagement Exchange.
  • April 15, 2015

    Samara's Exciting April News

    So far April has been a great month for Samara: we were recently awarded an Ontario Trillium Foundation grant and the search has begun for three exceptional individuals to join the Samara team!
  • November 13, 2014

    #YOUthInOffice: Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada in Parliament!

    Our Democracy Talks partners the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, in association with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada, organized the second annual day on the Hill for 100 young people from across the country #YOUthInOffice. Fifty MPs from all parties, including all four party leaders, agreed to host two kids for the entire day—allowing them unprecedented access to the inner workings of Parliament, and inspiring the next generation of leaders in the process. One of those students, Rachel Barry, shared her experience with us!