About Samara

About Samara


Copyright © The Samara Centre for Democracy 2016

Publisher: The Samara Centre for Democracy

Publication date: August 25, 2016

Lead writers

Introduction: Jane Hilderman with David Campbell

Questions: Kendall Anderson

Answers: Stewart Prest, PhD

Editor: Allison Smith

Copyeditor: Deanna Wong

Designer: Genevieve Biloski

Acknowledgements: We would like to thank all the individuals and groups who contributed their time and feedback to improve this resource on electoral reform.

The Samara Centre for Democracy is a Canadian charity dedicated to reconnecting citizens to politics. The Samara Centre for Democracy’s research and educational programming shine new light on Canada’s democratic system and encourages greater political participation across the country to build a better political system—and a better Canada—for everyone. To learn more about the Samara Centre's work or make a charitable donation to support our programs, please visit www.samaracanada.com or contact us at 416-960-7926.

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