Field Guide to Online Political Conversations Infographics

Field Guide to Online Political Conversations Infographics


For many Canadians, social media has become a popular space to talk about politics. By allowing users to freely express their opinions and exchange ideas, social media can be a powerful tool to strengthen our democracy. But with Canadians encountering more anger and incivility online than in person, something has gone wrong.

There’s been a lot of talk about what governments and social media platforms should do to improve our digital discourse—and their action is needed. But we at the Samara Centre for Democracy think that online civility can begin with citizens learning how to disagree better.

The tips offered in these infographics, illustrated by Joren Cull, aim to change the way we discuss politics online.

1)  How to Overcome Big Emotions

This infographic looks at why conversations are so different on social media, and how to move from your gut to your brain.

Infographic #1

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2)  How to Spot a Bot

This infographic examines the rising cyber threat to elections, and how to watch for fake accounts that spread disinformation.


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3)  How to Argue with Civility

This infographic illustrates why civility matters, and how to debate the issues with mutual respect.


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Are you an elected representative?

This infographic provides advice for poltical leaders who want to make political discourse more productive and civil, both online and in person.

Infographic for Political Leaders

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The Report

Want to dive deeper into our online political conversations research and recommendations?
Check out the complete Field Guide report below:



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