How to be an Everyday Political Citizen Video

How to be an Everyday Political Citizen Video

Is there an issue you care about? Frustrated by something happening in your community and not sure where to start? In this short video, follow Michelle as she learns from her friend Luke, a real-life Everyday Political Citizen and champion of accessibility, about the many ways she can make a difference on an issue she cares about.

To turn on English or French subtitles, click the Subtitles/Closed Captions button in the video player.

For educators working in schools or community organizations, this video and accompanying Educator’s Guide are an excellent place to start a discussion about how to make political change and have your voice heard. Appropriate for ages 10 and up.


This video was made possible with financial support from The Chawkers FoundationThe Churchill Society, and individual donors.

Note: This video is the property and copyright of Samara Canada, and is not intended for advocacy purposes. To obtain an institutional, commercial, or distribution license, please contact us.

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