The Samara Centre for Democracy's Stronger Democracy Platform 2019

Stronger Democracy Platform

Our democracy needs strengthening: nearly half of Canadians think it's getting weaker. In the run-up to this year's federal election, the Samara Centre is empowering political parties to commit to immediate, concrete change that will help to support and strengthen our democracy.

Our platform of nine actions is practical and simple, and can be accomplished in the first year of a new Parliament. They should have cross-party support. They require minimal public spending. Most don’t even require legislation. All that’s needed is political will.

Click on the image below to view the entire platform. Click here to view endorsements for the platform.


Stronger Democracy Door Hanger

Building on the Samara Centre's Stronger Democracy Platform, we've created a non-partisan, printable door hanger with questions that you can ask candidates next time they come knocking at your door.

 Click on the image below to see the door hanger.

Door Hanger

Praise from academics and civil society leaders:


"Samara has made a substantial contribution to the search for stronger democratic institutions in Canada. It continues to do so with its Stronger Democracy Platform. Canadians should take note of it before they vote on October 21. Political leaders need to state where they stand on Samara’s 9-point platform before October 21."

 Donald J. Savoie
Author and Professor of Public Administration, University of Moncton

"Apathy is Boring supports Samara's recommendation for our government to invest in lifelong civic learning, by supporting local and national community groups to educate and empower citizens."

 Caro Loutfi
Executive Director of Apathy is Boring

"I endorse Samara’s efforts to promote civic literacy and have enjoyed working with their outstanding team to help prepare people for public life in Canada. Democracy demands skills and knowledge that are acquired through practice and experience. If we want a stronger democracy, I believe we must invest in civic literacy and engagement."

 Maxwell A. Cameron 
Acting Director, School of Public Policy and Global Affairs
The University of British Columbia

"Civic literacy is the cornerstone of a healthy and vibrant democracy. Samara’s Stronger Democracy Platform charts a much needed path to combat fake news and disinformation at its roots."

 Josh Berman 
Director of Research and Public Policy, Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada

"Canadians should see civic learning not just as a one-time high school class, but a lifelong, dynamic, and meaningful opportunity to build community. By supporting local and national community groups to educate and empower citizens in civic life, we can renew engagement in our democracy and strengthen our civic culture."

— Sevaun Palvetzian
CEO of CivicAction

This election, put democracy on the agenda!