The Samara Centre for Democracy's Stronger Democracy Platform 2019

Stronger Democracy Platform

Our democracy needs strengthening: nearly half of Canadians think it's getting weaker. In the run-up to this year's federal election, the Samara Centre is empowering political parties to commit to immediate, concrete change that will help to support and strengthen our democracy.

Our platform of nine actions is practical and simple, and can be accomplished in the first year of a new Parliament. They should have cross-party support. They require minimal public spending. Most don’t even require legislation. All that’s needed is political will.

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Stronger Democracy Door Hanger

Building on the Samara Centre's Stronger Democracy Platform, we've created a non-partisan, printable door hanger with questions that you can ask candidates next time they come knocking at your door.

 Click on the image below to see the door hanger.

Door Hanger

This election, put democracy on the agenda!