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LeadershipMonday, June 08, 2015

The Party's Over

Guest blogger Jon O’Connor is creating the “Democracy App” and testing the concept with voters as an independent candidate in the 2015 federal election.Read more
LeadershipMonday, February 02, 2015

MPs by Lottery Selection

Today’s guest blog comes to us from Richard Pereira, a former House of Commons researcher and economist, who proposes selection of MPs by lottery as a way to make our Parliament more representative, along with greater use of referendums.Read more
LeadershipTuesday, January 27, 2015

Diversity in Parliament, part 2

Today's blog is part two of a series by former Samara Research and Communications Intern Kyle Crawford on diversity in the current Parliament.Read more
LeadershipMonday, January 26, 2015

Legislative lowdown, 2015

As Parliament boots back up and the election clock ticks down, it’s a good time to take a look at the House of Commons as a legislative assembly, as a place where bills and motions are passed and laws are made. What will Parliament be considering—and not considering—in the coming months?Read more
LeadershipWednesday, January 21, 2015

Diversity in Parliament, part 1

We're republishing some of our best content from the Samara archives. Today's blog is part one of a series by former Samara Research and Communications Intern Kyle Crawford on diversity in the current Parliament. This post was originally published in June, 2011.Read more

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LeadershipWednesday, December 10, 2014

Rajotte on the Reform Act

Michael Chong’s Reform Act, 2014 is currently being studied by the House of Commons Procedure and House Affairs committee. In the spirit of drawing attention to the work of that committee and the potential for a passed Reform Act, we are here republishing MP James Rajotte’s speech in support of the bill at second reading. It’s a classic for anyone interested in the past and future of our Parliamentary democracy.Read more
LeadershipMonday, December 08, 2014

MP website research live!

Second annual review of Members of Parliament’s websites continues to show MPs are not taking advantage of digital outlets to connect with Canadians.Read more
LeadershipFriday, October 31, 2014

Riding Changes in the Digital Age

Election buzz is in the air, but did you know if Parliament was dissolved today there are 338 seats up for grabs? Samara located and analyzed over a thousand riding association websites across the five major federal political parties to find out how well their online transition was matching this “on the ground” restructuring.Read more
LeadershipMonday, September 22, 2014

Opening window on reform

Although there's been much buzz about the Reform Act, we should put it back in the wider context of democratic reform in Canada. Guest blogger Brodie Conlie argues that when we do that, the momentum behind the Reform Act can be seen as signaling the opening of a policy window on democratic reform.Read more
LeadershipMonday, June 09, 2014

Running the Gauntlet?

Today's guest post is from former Conservative candidate Rem Westland. His observations on the electoral process draw from studies while in graduate school, a stint as executive assistant with a minister in the Trudeau government, and his nineteen months as Conservative party candidate prior to the May 2011 federal election. Read more
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