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LeadershipTuesday, March 08, 2016

#IWD2016 with Laurin Liu

Laurin Liu was 20 years old when she was elected Member of Parliament for Rivière-des-Mille-Îles in 2011. We caught up with her to find out what it's like to serve as a young woman and find out how the male-dominated culture might be changing. Read more
LeadershipMonday, January 25, 2016

Andrew Scheer Weighs in on Heckling

Read more
LeadershipTuesday, January 12, 2016

A better Commons committee system

This is an op-ed written by Samara's Executive Director Jane Hilderman and Research Manager Laura Anthony. It was first published on on December 14, 2015. Read more
LeadershipWednesday, July 08, 2015

Guest Post: Yoda & Policy

Aside from this being a way to capture the reader’s attention (which, admittedly, it is), policy-makers can learn a lesson or two from the Grand Master of the Jedi Order. Read more
LeadershipFriday, June 26, 2015

MP Reflections

This week, we dug through the House of Commons records for some of our favourite quotes marking the end of the 41st Parliament. See what MPs had to say as the session came to a close.Read more
LeadershipMonday, June 08, 2015

The Party's Over

Guest blogger Jon O’Connor is creating the “Democracy App” and testing the concept with voters as an independent candidate in the 2015 federal election.Read more
LeadershipMonday, February 02, 2015

MPs by Lottery Selection

Today’s guest blog comes to us from Richard Pereira, a former House of Commons researcher and economist, who proposes selection of MPs by lottery as a way to make our Parliament more representative, along with greater use of referendums.Read more
LeadershipTuesday, January 27, 2015

Diversity in Parliament, part 2

Today's blog is part two of a series by former Samara Research and Communications Intern Kyle Crawford on diversity in the current Parliament.Read more
LeadershipMonday, January 26, 2015

Legislative lowdown, 2015

As Parliament boots back up and the election clock ticks down, it’s a good time to take a look at the House of Commons as a legislative assembly, as a place where bills and motions are passed and laws are made. What will Parliament be considering—and not considering—in the coming months?Read more
LeadershipWednesday, January 21, 2015

Diversity in Parliament, part 1

We're republishing some of our best content from the Samara archives. Today's blog is part one of a series by former Samara Research and Communications Intern Kyle Crawford on diversity in the current Parliament. This post was originally published in June, 2011.Read more
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