CitizenBridge event recap: An Evening on the Evolution of Democracy

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CitizenBridge event recap: An Evening on the Evolution of Democracy

Samara is pleased to feature the following event summary from Anita Chauhan, Social Media lead at CitizenBridge.

On Thursday, February 16th, 2012, CitizenBridge held its first-ever event as part of Social Media Week Toronto. Titled "An Evening on the Evolution of Democracy," its purpose was to examine the implications of Gov 2.0, Open Data, Open Gov, and Democracy 2.0.

The evening kicked off with an introduction to the terminology and context of these growing movements and was followed by an in-depth roundtable discussion with key members of the community. The roundtable consisted of:

Josh Matlow, Toronto City Councillor, Ward 22, St. Paul's
Campaign manager, lobbyist, and President of Sustainable Strategy, Rob Newman
Ontario Public Service Senior Advisor, Melissa Tullio
Former Political Candidate and CitizenBridge Co-Founder, Richard Pietro

Among the issues explored were how to mitigate online flaming of party politics and how to keep both elected representatives and the public accountable.  The discussion also focused on finding the balance between real-life and online civic engagement. Some interesting questions were brought forward by the audience about the nature of self-interest in politics and the role of public officials in this movement.

In the spirit of Social Media Week, both a live stream and a Twitter live-chat (hashtag #SMWTOCB) took place. The event's amazing supporters even helped us trend in Toronto! Please click here if you are interested in a recording of the event.

As the evening concluded, the first-ever demo of the CitizenBridge platform was presented to the audience. CitizenBridge is a Democracy 2.0 platform that allows the public to engage with their elected representatives and the issues that impact them. If you are interested in being a part of our beta testing pool, please contact us here: [email protected].

A special thanks goes to the roundtable participants, attendees (both online and in person), Toronto City Hall and team of amazing volunteers for helping make the CitizenBridge event such a success!

Anita Chauhan
Social Media lead

For those who missed "An Evening on the Evolution of Democracy," CitizenBridge will be hosting a similar session this weekend (February 25, 2012, 2pm) at Podcamp Toronto 2012.  Don’t forget to sign up! 

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