Redesigning Parliament: Ideas from Samarans

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Friday, October 19, 2012 View Count = 1133

Redesigning Parliament: Ideas from Samarans

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve collected a huge number of your suggestions for ways to change Parliament for the better, all of which you can see on our Redesigning Parliament page.

Here’s a sampling of your citizen-approved changes to Parliament.

  • “Why not have Parliament meet in chambers across the country, rather than just in Ottawa?  Let’s take parliament on the road.”—dan_lussier
  • “Allow e-petitions and promise substantive debate on those e-petitions that reach a certain threshold (the UK has a 50,000 signature threshold that gives a petition 1 hour of debate).”—Ian Froude
  • “Anyone who is serious about becoming an MP or MPP should have to pass a comprehensive course, which would include basic economics, parliamentary rules and procedures, international relations, ethics, etc. If you aspire to be on the board of directors of a multibillion dollar business (the government) you should be willing to spend the time and effort to learn how to do it properly!"—Dr. G. T. Riley
  • “Most Bills should be free votes, declared not to be Confidence votes. Only the budget needs to be Confidence.”—Paul Forseth MP 93-06
  • “Punish bad behaviour by ejecting MPs and bar them from entering the House of Commons for a period of time. Barring would also mean a loss of pay.”—Ken Szijarto
  • “Condensed, more productive sessions in the House plus more electronic voting on non-confidence matters would allow MPs more time in their ridings and with their families. We might see more women in Parliament!”—Desiree

Check the full list on the Redesigning Parliament page and add your own suggestion if we’ve missed anything.

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