Democracy Talks meets the BC Election

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Democracy Talks meets the BC Election

Marissa Lawrence is the BC coordinator of Samara’s Democracy Talks, and has done an amazing job traveling the province holding Democracy Talks events leading up to the BC election.

She recently shared her experiences in an op-ed in the Vancouver Sun:

Over the past week I have been asked to comment on the low voter turnout in this year’s provincial election, but perhaps most telling is that I wasn’t asked that very question the Monday before Election Day, or any other days leading up to the election.

While I think that the general surprise over B.C.’s electoral decision is an understandable reaction to last Tuesday’s results, I wonder why British Columbians are once again surprised by low voter turnout? Pre- or postelection, our electoral democracy hasn’t and doesn’t see past the ballot box.

While we will continue to debate which candidates we prefer, B.C. can’t expect a real change until we start viewing democracy as year-round, as opposed to simply when the writ drops.

Read Marissa’s full op-ed in the Vancouver Sun here.

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