This week in #cdnpoli identity crises: Good MPs & Citizens

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Political News Friday, June 14, 2013 View Count = 1430

This week in #cdnpoli identity crises: Good MPs & Citizens

For all you "big data" political geeks. The "Big Data Secret No One is Talking About"  from Sarah Critchfield, Editorial Director of Upworthy, given at the Personal Democracy Forum in New York City.

Back in Canada, Alberta MP Brent Rathgeber reflects on leaving the Tory caucus, then says he’ll vote with the NDP on this bill.

Speaking of the NDP, a new book  will examine NDP history from Jack Layton’s leadership onward.

Glen Pearson wonders: Is an idolization of charity eroding our sense of citizenship? Maybe it’s all Silicon Valley’s fault.

Warren Kinsella tracks sexism toward female politicians in the media this week

 Electoral reform alert! Toronto city council voted to support ranked ballots in municipal elections (read more here) and to let permanent residents vote. Now it’s up to the province to give them the O.K.

In Parliament MP Kennedy Stewart is trying to bring epetitioning into the House of Commons and Your Canada Your Constitution says Canadians want limits on the power of party leaders.

Since nothing is going on in the Canadian Senate we took a look south. This American Senator’s historic Spanish address reminds us why bilingualism is so meaningful (but also controversial) to many Canadians

And finally, another great talk from the Personal Data Forum. This one is with Sasha Issenberg (who you might remember from our event in the fall)

Happy weekend everyone!


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