Introducing the Everyday Political Citizen Project!

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Introducing the Everyday Political Citizen Project!

This year, as part of a program called Democracy Talks, Samara travelled across the country speaking to politically disengaged Canadians about the barriers they face to being politically active.

One point we heard over and over is that people lack political role models. Many don’t want to get involved because they feel that there is no one showing them the way in the political world. Even if they want to get involved, without political role models they don’t know how.

So this summer Samara is celebrating all the Everyday Political Citizens we know are out there. We hope it will show a more human side to politics, and provide role models for all of us trying to figure out how to engage politically ourselves.

Who is an Everyday Political Citizen? We want to showcase all of the door-knockers, petition-signers, community leaders, candidates and rabble- rousers who work through political systems that are often frustrating, non-responsive and downright confusing in order to change policies and build a better country.

Our volunteers and partner organizations have already got the ball rolling and you can check out the great people they’ve told us about on our Tumblr. Now we need your help! We’re on the hunt for 308 inspiring people –at least one from each federal riding.

Do you know someone who fits the bill? Submit your nomination and give them the public kudos they deserve!

For more background, read our new report about the state of political engagement in Canada.

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