New infographic analyzes riding association websites

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New infographic analyzes riding association websites


Today we're happy to share our newest infographic with you, an analysis of riding association websites.

Riding associations are the local chapters of political parties. In our last report we revealed that Canadians give political parties a failing grade on their role of reaching out so Canadians’ views can be represented.

Nowadays, an informative website is an easy way for riding associations to reach out and show people how to get involved. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like many riding associations are taking advantage of this opportunity.

Take a look at the infographic here, and find the mobile version here.

Key Findings

Samara searched for 1307 sites in total, 308 for each major national party and 75 for the Bloc Québécois. This is what we found:

  • The NDP and Green Party are the only parties to have websites in every riding.
  • 22% of riding associations have no websites at all.
  • 96% include instructions on how to donate to the party or riding.
  • Just 4% share details of past or future meetings.
  • Only 5 websites (less than 1%) provide information on how to become a candidate.

Want to see which riding associations' websites are best? Check them out here.

When we released our infographic about Members of Parliament's websites, a number of MPs wrote to tell us they’d updated their sites to match the checklist we provided. We hope riding associations will also take up the challenge.

How can you help riding associations improve their websites?

In other news...

Samara is hiring! We are on the hunt for a Director of Fundraising and Events (based in Toronto). If you have relevant experience, please apply. If not, please share this job posting with those who do.

Samara co-founders Alison Loat and Michael MacMillan have a book coming out on April 15th.Tragedy in the Commonsshares the lessons learned from Samara’s MP Exit Interviews, gives an unprecedented look into Parliament and offers ways former MPs think we can improve politics. Order it here.

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