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Your Weekly Fill(ibuster)

How do (or don’t) political parties engage and mobilize youth? We looked into it. Also, Elections Canada made this great infographic on the findings, you can see the rest of it here.

Is this what democracy looks like? The Government made some serious changes to the Fair Elections Act last week and there may be more to come.

Nothing says "changes" like the Reform Act. Listen to Alison Loat and Michael Chong talk “Beyond and Behind the Reform Act” at the University of British Columbia.

Sad this needs to be said, but respect for women in the House of Commons matters.

The Manitoba Tories try to open up their policy-making. Tell them what you think!

Speaking of elections, it’s nominations season and every party is trying to claim they are the most “open.” Here’s a clear explanation from Pundits’ Guide on the actual nominations process that each of the three major parties are using.

Who are the biggest donors to political parties? Let’s just say it’s not people who are alive. 

The Hansard Society released the 2014 Audit of Political Engagement, their annual “health check” on British democracy. Some interesting stats:

  • 67% of Brits agree that it is their ‘duty to vote in all types of elections’ but only 49% are certain they’d vote in an immediate general election. 
  • 45% agree that ‘most politicians go into politics because they want to make a positive difference in their community’

Curious about the health of Canadian democracy? Get excited for the Samara Index, to be released November 2014.

Political Jobs and Opportunities

Need a job for 4 weeks this summer? Be a non-partisan campaign distribution worker with CIVIX.

Spend 3 days in Edmonton, meet MLAs, get behind-the-scenes tours of the political world…join the Forum for young Albertans! Applications due April 30.


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