Your Friday Fill(ibuster)

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Your Friday Fill(ibuster)

“Boothies,” the trendiest thing in democracy right now.

Other trends in democracy: Young Canadians not voting. This author thinks it’s time for youth to get back in the political game.

On that note, if you’re under 40 and looking to really get into the political game, you should talk to CanLeads.

Can you trust political polls anymore? Kind of. Sometimes.

Of course, it’s not just polls that we mistrust more and more. Here’s a piece on why it’s not partisan to talk about politics being broken.

It’s campaign time! Tell the Globe and Mail about the political flyers you’re getting in the mail!

Find out how candidates are using digital in their campaigns.

Winning campaigns on the small things.

The Reform Act (that friendly little bill we’ve been following) was up for debate in the House of Commons this week. In case you haven’t been following it closely, here’s a primer. 

But also, MPs must make the most of Parliamentary reforms if they are to really accomplish anything.

Twitter is about to make their full archive of tweets available to researchers. How will this affect the political game?

“When it comes to voting, community ties appear to matter more than money, homeownership, even immigration.” That’s good news for our Democracy Talks program.

Political jobs, events and opportunities


CanLeads needs a Research Director! Apply here (volunteer position). 

There's still time to apply for the Summer Institute for Future Legislators. 

Interested in city-building? Apply to be a Diversecity fellow, applications due July 8. 

If you’re in Toronto, come join our election-watching party on June 12!

In Calgary? Join our friends at We Should Know Each Other for a fun book club discussion about Tragedy in the Commons. 



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