Your Friday Fill(ibuster)

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Your Friday Fill(ibuster)

It’s summertime! Here are some great summer reads, picked by the Samara staff.

And here are Samara founder Alison Loat’s faves.

Got a book club? Check out our guide for Tragedy in the Commons and the reviews of these book clubbers who had author Alison join their discussion.

If you’ve ever worked in politics, take a look at Cards Against Bureaucracy.

A question for the ages: Who is more responsive, our political leaders or McDonald’s?

On the topic of leadership, it looks like the Ontario PCs will be electing a new leader, jump in and have your say on who it should be.

Polling the electorate three different ways with differing results.

And pollsters new "likely voter" model might be pushing millenial voters' opinions even further out the political picture. 

How does online chatter shape public opinion? Only you can help solve the puzzle! Lend a hand here.

The city of Mississauga declares that those who make “frivolous complaints” will be cut off.

A new paper out this week is promoting mandatory voting in Canada, what say ye?

Political jobs, events and opportunities

Hey you! If you live in Fort McMurray–Athabasca (Alberta), Macleod (Alberta), Scarborough–Agincourt (Ontario), or Trinity–Spadina (Ontario), you’ve got a by-election coming up. It’s happening on a long weekend, so get your votes in now! Advance Voting begins today.

Think you might want to run for office one day? Find out how to succeed:

Check out this online course from the Manning Centre, and this hands-on training with the Summer Institute for Future Legislators (deadline is this Monday!)

Friends in Guelph, join us for a Tragedy in the Commons book event with author Michael MacMillan on June 25.

Happy weekend!

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