Friday Fill(ibuster)

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Friday Fill(ibuster)

We can't believe it either, summer is nearing its end. Despite the fact that the first day of fall isn't for another three weeks, this weekend marks the end of summer for most. Lucky for you, we've got your roundup of political news for your last beach/cottage/dock/patio summer reading! 

When transparency backfires: does more transparency equal less political authority? A story from our neighbours to the south.

Delacourt on the need to flatten out political hierarchies, "Democracy shouldn’t be something that is either benevolently dispensed or passively received."

Pollenize screenshot

A couple of great Toronto Municipal election resources, both illustrated and video. If you find resources for other cities electing new municipal governments -- like this very cool map of voting methods in Ontario municipal elections -- let us know! 

"Conservative MP office workers of the world, unite!" Wait, what? Is there a clandestine campaign to unionize Conservative Hill staffers?

Our MP Exit Interviews asked former MPs about their time in Ottawa. In the UK, similar questions are asked of newly elected legislators.

When MPs stop being MPs. What will 2015 look like for the 59 rookie NDP MPs from Quebec?

Ever wonder where your favourite products' political affiliations lie? Well now, there's an app for that. (American affiliations, but still!)

Are twitter and facebook silencing political debate? This story makes a strong case...

And over in Alberta, Jim Prentice wants to talk about term limits. Aaron Wherry takes a look at his proposal and the broader idea

Enjoy the long weekeend! 

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