EPCitizen Neeta Kumar-Britten on CBC radio

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EPCitizen Neeta Kumar-Britten on CBC radio

Our Everyday Political Citizen contest is up and running and attracting nominations from coast to coast to coast. We've got folks from the north like Morgan Wienberg in Yukon, people from the Pacific like Ed Pullman from Victoria and those from the Atlantic like Tim Halman in Dartmouth.

Neeta EPCitizen

Recently, a high school teacher from Sydney-Victoria, Nova Scotia, nominated by her own MP Mark Eyking, was interviewed on CBC Mainstreet Cape Breton about her contributions and the EPCitizen contest. You can read Neeta Kumar-Britten's EPCitizen nomination here and you can listen to her interview with CBC's Wendy Bergfeldt by pushing play right here:

Check out more EPCitizen nominations here and submit your own here!

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