Retiring MPs reflect as Parliament comes to a close

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Retiring MPs reflect as Parliament comes to a close


Last week, we shared Chris Hall’s report for the CBC about retiring MPs’ final reflections in the House of Commons. This week, we dug through the Hansard records for some of our favourite quotes marking the end of the 41st Parliament. Some are from retiring MPs, and some from those who hope to return in the fall:

                Kevin Lamoureux, Winnipeg North

“I also want to very briefly comment on the degree to which all of us, as elected officials, have phenomenal support groups that enable us to do what we do, whether they are our families or our friends – close friends in particular, but friends in general. Without those individuals, we would not be where we are today.”

                Hon. Dominic LeBlanc, Beauséjour

“I was also reminded that in the last four years, a number of our colleagues on all sides of the House have gone through difficult health challenges. I do not think it is widely known or understood by others who do not have the privilege of working in this place that there is a bond shared by people who are fortunate enough and privileged enough to have a seat in this Parliament. When a colleague on any side of the House has faced a difficult health challenge, as a number of our colleagues have and are still, I have been touched by the compassion and generosity that so many of us showed toward those people, who really deserve our support, our affection, and our respect. It reminds us of what we share, even though we come from different political parties.”

                André Bellavance, Richmond-Athabaska

“The most challenging and satisfying part of this job is dealing with and making progress on issues that matter to the people we represent. I will never forget how we fought for supply management, student jobs and Jeffrey Mine retirees in Asbestos. However, what really stands out for me are the people, all of the people I helped, supported or even just met at various functions we were invited to. They are the ones who made me not only the politician but also the human being I am today.”

                James Rajotte, Edmonton-Leduc (who also had a touching piece dedicated to him by Jeffrey Simpson)

“I believe more profoundly today than I did when I entered Parliament that Canada is the best country in the world, a place where we can fulfill our deepest hopes and aspirations and be a light and example for the world.

I want to end by saying this. There are a lot of comments about political life and politicians that occur here today and a lot of cynicism. After 15 years of serving with people in this place, people who volunteer in politics, I have more faith in those people who are in politics, who volunteer in politics. It is a noble endeavour. It is making this country a better place. This is the best country in the world. We can continue to make it better.

I thank all those in the chamber and outside the chamber for their service. It has been a wonderful path for me. I genuinely appreciate it.”

No better to finish the week than that. If you want to read more goodbyes from MPs, dive into the Hansard yourself. The transcribed record of all words spoken in the House of Commons, the Hansard can be found here. MPs final words are mostly found in the June 18th and 19th records.


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