How to write a winning nomination

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How to write a winning nomination


Nominations are now open for the Everyday Political Citizen contest! Are you about to nominate someone? You may want to read this first.

While you know your nominee is awesome, this post will help you convey that fact to thousands of Canadians. We looked through past EPC shortlists and came up with a few tricks and tips to make your nomination shine.

Writing a Winning Nomination 101

#1. Start with a good hook

Begin by introducing us to your nominee. What qualifies them to as an everyday political citizen? What makes them so great?

Tim Halman represents the characteristics we hope for in all of our teachers. He cares about his students, he is passionate about their education - not only in the classroom, but outside the classroom – and his energy is inspiring many young Canadians to take a greater interest in democracy. (Read Tim's full nomination.)

Or how about this, from the nomination of the 2014 youth winner:

Nessa Deans is not your average 11 year old. This grade six student exemplifies the Everyday Political Citizen spirit through her involvement in municipal politics and community service. (Read Nessa's full nomination.)

#2. Save the full resume for LinkedIn

Try highlighting just a few of your nominee’s most relevant accomplishments without making the jury feel like they’re reading a resume.

Through Springtide, Mark has produced a series of videos explaining how Canadian democracy works in a simple and engaging way. He also orchestrated the Nova Scotia Youth Poll, the province’s first-ever political poll to engage with young people’s concerns. Mark recently finished a three-year term as executive director of Students Nova Scotia, which represents students with the provincial government and the media. He works as a consultant on youth-related public policy issues and youth engagement. (Read Mark's full nomination.)

#3. Describe their impact

How is your nominee’s determination disrupting the status quo, bettering the community or making Canada's democracy stronger?

The whole class worked on a project to build their ideal city, which they called Garneautopia. Through supporting her students to ask critical questions and think through their decisions, the class designed an incredible collaborative community. The city they built together after much deliberation, had a sustainable transport system, vibrant arts and cultural activities, and was inclusive. After the project was over, the students read an article in the Globe and Mail about critical attributes of great cities and discovered what they designed had all of them. An example of what young people can do if given the right opportunities. (Read Nicole's full nomination.)

#4. What drives them?

Give us a sense of your nominee’s passion and personality.

She never puts her own interests before those of the people she serves; someone who cares about Toronto as a city and Canada as a country; and someone who is self-effacing and kind. If every political leader were like Idil, what an amazing city, province, and country this would be… I would vote for her anywhere. (Read Idil's full nomination.)

Or this! 

She’ll walk up to any political figure and ask to have her picture taken with them—which makes for strange pin ups… Nessa wants to take a vacation to Ottawa- to see the Parliament buildings and to see a question period live.  I say “ok, but are you sure you don’t want to go to a beach? (Read Nessa's full nomination.)

A few more tips to win over the jury:

  • Be succinct: nominations average 150 words. Check spelling and grammar.
  • Have a sense of humour. Political people are often funny people and it’s worth bringing some of that through in your nomination.
  • A good quality photo goes a long way. All the better if the photo tells a story.
  • Make your nomination self-contained and complete; the jury will be relying on it alone to make their call about your nominee.

Done all that? Then you’re on your way to nominating the 2017 EPC winner! Nominate here and see who else has been nominated on our blog.


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