2015 EPCitizen nominee: Keli Westgate

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2015 EPCitizen nominee: Keli Westgate

EPCitizen buttonThe Everyday Political Citizen project celebrates positive political role models and builds a culture of positive politics in Canada. Conducted coast to coast to coast, the EPCitizen project aims to recognize the diversity of politics and democracy in Canada, crowd-sourcing hundreds of nominations for political citizens. Read more about the project here, see more 2015 nominations here and submit your own here.

Nominee: Keli Westgate    

Nominator: Chris George

City: Vernon, B.C.

Recently our local federal Green party lost its candidate. Keli felt compelled to join the party and put her name forward to run in order to ensure that there was a Green option on the ballot. As the person who stepped forward the next day to run against her, I really admire her willingness to put herself out to provide important democratic choices to the people of our area.


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