Hey West Coast: Nominate a political citizen

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Everyday Political Citizen Wednesday, August 12, 2015 View Count = 1683

Hey West Coast: Nominate a political citizen

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This week #bc is trending all over the internet thanks to Wyatt Scott, the independent candidate from Mission Matsqui Fraser Canyon. His ridiculous (-ly fun) video proves that British Columbia is a province of citizens making politics fun! No wonder - with a long history of active political engagement (and home to one of the most engaged ridings in Canada), it's no surprise to see everyday citizens in BC continuing to invent new ways to engage in the political process.

Introducing Everyday Political Citizen: West Coast edition. This week, Samara wants YOU to nominate inspiring political citizens from your community to represent B.C. in this national contest. 

Conducted coast to coast to coast, the EPCitizen project aims to recognize the diversity of politics and democracy in Canada.  By crowd-sourcing hundreds of nominations for political citizens, Samara celebrates some of the many thousands of ordinary people who are engaging in big and small ways in this country's rich political culture. Each year, adult and youth finalists are chosen by a jury of prominent Canadians like Rick Mercer.

Meet local Everyday Political Citizens

sofija vrbaski

Nominee: Sofija Vrbaski

Nominator: Susan Kim     

Hometown: Victoria

Sofija is nothing short of a force to be reckoned with. She remains one of the most positive and ebullient personalities I’ve ever had the chance to meet, all while juggling graduate school, a job, and non-stop community activism. While I was best acquainted with her through the three successful anti Bill C-51 protests she organized, what struck me the most about Sofija is her continued emphasis on acknowledging volunteer support as the cornerstone to all of her efforts. She has been an inspiration and a figure from which I have learned much about living my politics.


Nominee: Keli Westgate 

Nominator: Chris George

Hometown: Vernon

Recently our local federal Green party lost its candidate. Keli felt compelled to join the party and put her name forward to run in order to ensure that there was a Green option on the ballot. As the person who stepped forward the next day to run against her, I really admire her willingness to put herself out to provide important democratic choices to the people of our area.

What's next:

  1. Share this blog. Which community organizations, youth services, local leaders, etc. should know about EPC? 
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