David Campbell: Why I'm excited for #elxn42

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David Campbell: Why I'm excited for #elxn42


Staff Weigh In #elxn42
Welcome to the inaugural "Samara Staff Weigh In: #elxn42" blog post! Each week, for the next several weeks, a Samara staff member will write a short—but sweet!—post on why they're excited for the 42nd federal election. This week's blog post is brought to you by Samara's Summer Intern David Campbell. 

October 19th will be my sixth time voting in an election in Canada. But it will be my first time voting from outside our borders.

I’ll be casting my ballot by mail, a process so involved that an Elections Canada official recently suggested to me I begin the paperwork now, 10 weeks ahead of Election Day. Luckily, this isn’t my first foray into the more complicated methods of voting in our country. As with many young people, my transience has often left me looking for advance polls or scrambling for some proof-of-address in order to make my voice heard.

Voting from abroad presents distinct advantages though—chiefly, getting to talk Canadian politics with my international friends. Nothing stirs up national pride quite like talking about Canada to those from elsewhere in the world, and our elections provide some of the best opportunities for bragging.

Plenty of room exists for improvement in our elections and our democracy, which is why I am proud to be a part of Samara. But it’s important to keep perspective, and remember that the vast majority of the world does not get to participate in the kind of broadly competitive elections we have here at home. Perhaps this election will provide a particularly good example.

So if you happen to be in Boston, Massachusetts this October 19th, make sure you drop me a line—it’s a safe bet that my apartment will be full of Canadian flags and fellow expats for a raucous election-watching party. 

David Campbell Fake SurpriseDavid is Samara's  Summer Intern, before he pursues the second and final year of his Masters at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Before his graduate studies, David was a student of the Arts & Science program at McMaster University. Upon graduating from McMaster he was elected to student government, where he served for two years as Vice-President and then President of the student union.

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