Emily Walker: Why I'm Excited for #elxn42

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Emily Walker: Why I'm Excited for #elxn42

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Staff Weigh In #elxn42
Welcome to the second "Samara Staff Weigh In: #elxn42" blog post! Each week, for the next several weeks, a Samara staff member will write a short—but sweet!—post on why they're excited for the 42nd federal
 election. This week's blog post is brought to you by Samara's Assistant to Directors Emily Walker.


 I have to make a confession: I have never voted.

It’s not that I haven’t wanted to, but that I couldn’t—or at least I didn’t think I could.

After living as a Canadian expat for over 20 years, I finally returned in July 2014 from London, England. At the time of the UK general election in 2010, I was over the voting age (18 in England) but not a British citizen, only Canadian. Not having had any civics education at my English high school, I hadn’t known that if you’re registered to vote and a Commonwealth citizen you’re eligible to vote in a UK general election. Whoops. 

Despite my (untrue) voting ineligibility, I was interested in UK politics: while at university, I began watching—soon religiously—Question Time, a BBC topical debate show. Each week, I was captivated by the political panelists’ impassioned discussions. Politics was exciting!

Since arriving in Toronto last summer, I have made a conscious effort to learn more about Canada’s politics and political culture: I watch the news and political shows; read the news in newspapers and on social media; listen to various political podcasts; and talk about politics with colleagues and friends.

So, why am I excited for #elxn42? I’m excited to vote for the very first time—to know what it feels like to fill-out a ballot and put it into a ballot box. But I’m also very much looking forward to putting my political knowledge to good use and contributing—finally!—to my country’s democracy. 

JSB_EmilyWalker_2015058Emily is responsible for providing support to executive director Jane Hilderman and managing director Kendall Anderson, as well as assisting Samara’s communications and research functions. Before joining Samara in early 2015, Emily lived in England where she studied History and Spanish at the University of Leeds and, thereafter, worked as a literary agent’s assistant in London. 

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