2015 EPCitizen nominee: Hana Woldeyes

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2015 EPCitizen nominee: Hana Woldeyes

EPCitizen buttonThe Everyday Political Citizen project celebrates positive political role models and builds a culture of positive politics in Canada. Conducted coast to coast to coast, the EPCitizen project aims to recognize the diversity of politics and democracy in Canada, crowd-sourcing hundreds of nominations for political citizens. Read more about the project here, see more 2015 nominations here and submit your own here.

hana woldeyesNominee: Hana Woldeyes

Nominator: Jennifer Reddy

City: Vancouver

Hana re-defines what it means to be an Everyday Political Citizen (EPC). She moved to Canada from Ethiopia just over 2 years ago. Hana has overcome her fear of public speaking and gained confidence to share her knowledge and experience as an EPC from her life in Canada and in Ethiopia.

Hana educated teachers and principals about the experiences of newcomer youth. She also educated governmental delegates from Denmark about how to welcome and include newcomers. As a new Canadian, Hana has taught herself about political processes including the policy process, policy changes that affect people in Canada and abroad, and youth decision-making.

Hana is a leader in the following projects: 1) My Circle facilitator to engage the voices of other youth 2) Vancouver School Board Youth Ambassador to welcome newcomer youth throughout the district 3) Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House Youth Committee and appointed Board Member. Hana has taken part in Samara's Democracy Talks training both as a participant and leader facilitator. She is helping to make Democracy Talks more accessible and relevant to newcomer youth audiences who are English Language Learners. Throughout all this, Hana is only beginning her journey and deserves an opportunity to inspire and be inspired by leaders like herself across Canada. 



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