2015 EPCitizen nominee: Rachel Décoste

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2015 EPCitizen nominee: Rachel Décoste

EPCitizen buttonThe Everyday Political Citizen project celebrates positive political role models and builds a culture of positive politics in Canada. Conducted coast to coast to coast, the EPCitizen project aims to recognize the diversity of politics and democracy in Canada, crowd-sourcing hundreds of nominations for political citizens. Read more about the project here, see more 2015 nominations here and submit your own here.

rachel_decosteNominee: Rachel Décoste

Nominator: Danielle Dowdy

City: Ottawa

It’s incredibly difficult to explain the powerful force of Rachel Décoste in 150 words. A volunteer/community organizer/political activist turned political writer/blogger/media pundit nearly sums it up. But she’s so much more. Rachel has made a name for herself as a person who deeply understands the issues and enhances political discourse by adding the voice of the marginalized, and often racialized perspective. As a sought after freelance journalist and political commentator, Rachel uses her ever-expanding mainstream and social media platforms to amplify issues which broadly affect people, and more specifically, women of colour. She’s also been relentless in challenging mainstream news outlets to be more diverse and inclusive in their representation of voices and subject matter experts. The lens which she uses has been fine-tuned through her 10 years of local and international political campaign experience in every role from organizer, strategist, canvasser and bilingual translator to election candidate.


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