Can You Hear Me Now?

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Can You Hear Me Now?

One year ago, young people across Canada turned out to vote in record numbers.

Commemorate this historic increase by delving into Samara's latest report: Can You Hear Me Now? Young People and the 2015 Federal Election


As part of Samara’s Democracy 360 series on the complex relationship between citizens and political leadership, this report digs deeper than youth turnout to examine how different generations of Canadians discussed politics and were—or weren’t—contacted by politicians.

The report finds that, while 72% of Canadians aged 18 to 29 discussed politics during the electoral campaign, their generation was the least likely to be contacted by politicians. Even across digital platforms, older people reported more contact from political parties.

Our research also reveals young people’s willingness to defy convention by sharing their voting experience with friends and family, in contrast to older Canadians.


These findings debunk the myth of apathetic youth, and raise questions about what future elections would look like if they were run by and for youth.

With so many more young people finding their political voice in the 2015 election, young Canadians have sent a strong message to political parties—will they be heard?

Check out Can You Hear Me Now? today, and share this research with anyone who might be interested—using either traditional or digital methods!

And for all the data jockeys out there, interested in conducting your own research, we've also published our full dataset online. To download the file, click here. (It will begin downloading automatically.)

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