How do you market democracy?

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How do you market democracy?

Hundreds of young Canadian marketers recently tackled this question thanks to Samara being chosen by the Globe and Mail's 2017 Young Lions and Young Marketers Competition, a qualifying competition to attend the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

What's that?

This June, communications, marketing, entertainment, design and tech talent from 90+ countries travel to Cannes, France, to compete in The Lion, "the ultimate benchmark of creative excellence."

The winning teams from the Young Lions and Young Marketers Competition are the only Canadian teams to attend and compete. To qualify, they must create marketing collateral for the selected non-profit organization in less than 48 hours!

Samara: The 2017 challenge!

In the wake of recent world events that have brought democracy to the fore, Samara Canada was chosen by the Globe and Mail for its commitment to strengthening Canada's democracy.

Because Samara was selected, over 750 marketers across Canada have lent their expertise to explaining why democracy matters. As teams of two, they considered Samara's challenge of reconnecting Canadians to their democracy and developed videos, print ads, marketing plans and more! This incredible body of work is an invaluable contribution to a small charity like ours.

And the Winners are...

Stephanie Bibeau and Étienne Goulet from Tank, for print:


Jordan Gladman and Alex Boland from Sid Lee, for cyber:


Jake Bundock and Andrew Chhour from Rethink, for film:


Jessica Burnie and Elizabeth McPhedran from Media Experts, for media:


Michael Alaimo and Christian Alaimo from PepsiCo, for young marketers:


To see the other finalists, go to

Thank you to the competition's organizing team for choosing Samara and to the many young creatives for their amazing work!

Now what?

The good news: this entire body of work is available to us to use. The bad news: we don't have a huge advertising budget like some organizations. We want more Canadians to see this work, but we can't get it out there without you! If you love these campaigns as much as we do, consider contributing today.

In the meantime, you can make democracy matter (and tell friends about Samara) by sharing this blog post on social media.

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