Turning Parliament inside out

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Turning Parliament inside out

Is it time to turn Canada's Parliament inside out?

Members of Parliament think so. And they've laid out their ideas for how to do it in a new book published today!

In Turning Parliament Inside Out: Practical Ideas for Reforming Canada's Democracy, MPs from all major parties and ridings across the country join together in a rare display of unity to make change a reality, explaining why reform is so urgently needed and proposing practical, achievable suggestions for making it happen.

If this cross-partisan effort wasn't exciting enough, the authors have decided to donate the book's proceeds to Samara "so that it can continue to create the space we need for these types of discussions." We applaud their leadership and appreciate their support!


With chapters from MPs Niki Ashton, Michael Chong, Michael Cooper, Nathan Cullen, Elizabeth May, Scott Simms, Kennedy Stewart and Anita Vandenbeld. Forewords by Ed Broadbent, Preston Manning and Bob Rae.

Order a copy now or visit your nearest bookstore!

Better yet, if you're in Toronto on June 1st, join Michael Chong, Elizabeth May and Kennedy Stewart along with the Samara team at Ben McNally Books as we celebrate this unprecedented cross-party initiative. To attend, please RSVP: engage.samaracanada.com/book

(P.S. We're thrilled these esteemed Canadians believe Samara creates a needed space for these important discussions. If you agree, join them in supporting Samara's work by becoming a donor today.)

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