Big Impact on a Budget

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Big Impact on a Budget


“2016 made it clear that getting involved in politics matters. Our most important values require active protection. This is the job that Samara takes on.”

As a Samara supporter, we think it’s the job you take on, too.

Sophie’s quote above is featured in Samara’s 2016 Impact Report, a report we’re very excited to share with you today! (Read the report now.)

In contrast to the negative politics that dominated headlines last year, for Samara, 2016 was a year of positive impact. We celebrated the 1000th Everyday Political Citizen nomination. When interviewed by CPAC, 2016 Everyday Political Citizen winner Ruth Kaviok said:

“I feel like I'm giving a voice to my people, [speaking] to those who don't always listen to us. That's a very special honour.”

From all 197 new MPs receiving our “Welcome to Parliament” packages to the Government of Canada featuring Samara’s research as a resource for Canadians in a national survey on democratic reform (resulting in a 1023% increase in our website traffic), 2016 was also a big year for Samara research.

As a supporter of Samara, this is your impact. And we are honoured to have made it together.

Thank you,

The Samara Team

P.S. As a charity, Samara relies on the generous support of donors and is proud to have a broad base of support from foundations, the private sector and individuals across Canada. This impact report is dedicated to this group of people, the real force behind the work and impact we are proud to share with you here.

P.P.S. You can join this group of Canadians and take your dedication to building a stronger democracy to the next level by becoming a Samara donor today. "Yes, I’m dedicated!"

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