R.I.P. Avie Bennett

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R.I.P. Avie Bennett

We at Samara Canada were very sad to learn of the passing of Avie Bennett this weekend. Avie was a good friend and long-time supporter of Samara.

He will be remembered as an amazing Canadian who accomplished so much and gave an equal amount back to his country.

Here, he will be remembered for his unmatched ability to tell a story, quick wit and passion for Canadian politics and democracy.

“Avie believed in a vibrant public square in Canada that is rich with the debate of ideas from different perspectives,” said Michael MacMillan, Chair and Co-Founder. “We are so honoured that Avie was a trusted voice of encouragement and advice to Samara. He will be dearly missed.”

Samara’s team sends their best wishes to Avie’s family and friends.

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