Make democracy part of your Canada Day

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Make democracy part of your Canada Day

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As the sun rises across Canada tomorrow, we hope you'll take time to reflect on what democracy means to you. What will be your 2017 Canada Day legacy? How will you shape the future of our country?  

In 1967, the centennial legacy was physical infrastructure—Centennial hockey arenas, community art centres and museums were built across the country. These steel and cement projects literally brought Canadians together via roads, rails and in stadiums.

Our physical infrastructure may bring us together, but it’s our democratic infrastructure that binds us together.

On Canada Day, join Samara in building a strong, responsive and inclusive democracy. Invest in our democratic infrastructure by making a donation today.

Samara's plans are simple: keep going. Keep changing the face of politics, adding voices to this conversation, creating innovative and forward-thinking research and restoring our democratic infrastructure. We can do this, but we need you with us.

Make democracy part of your 2017 Canada Day legacy. Donate to Samara today. Thank you so much for your support. It means the world to us!

We wish you and your family, friends and community a safe and happy Canada Day. 

Thank you,

Your Samara Canada Team

P.S. Our donors make real impact, and it’s easy to join them. You can make a contribution of $75, $150 or $338 online here, call us at 416-960-7926 and give your information over the phone or mail a cheque to 33 Prince Arthur Ave, Toronto ON M5R 1B2. To learn more about the impact of our donors, see our latest impact report and more here



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