2017 EPC Nominee: Parvin Camphor

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2017 EPC Nominee: Parvin Camphor

Parvin EPC


Parvin Camphor of Medicine Hat, AB, was nominated by Sandra Moore

Since she involuntarily left her home country Iran in the late 1970s, Parvin has been dedicated to helping new Canadians adjust to life in Canada and promoting cultural diversity in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Parvin has volunteered with Worlds of Women Together, Saamis Immigration, and Unisphere - organizations in Medicine Hat dedicated to helping new Canadians and promoting cultural diversity. Over the last thirty years, Parvin has helped countless immigrant and refugee families adjust to life in Medicine Hat. She has also inspired many new Canadians in Medicine Hat to become more active in the community and has been involved in numerous events to promote cultural and religious diversity in Medicine Hat. Parvin is the epitome of an Everyday Political Citizen - she understands firsthand how difficult it is for new Canadians to adjust to life in a small city in rural Alberta and is committed to helping them adjust, thrive, and continue on to be active members of the community!

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